Swaziland lodge accommodation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Swaziland lodge accommodation


Wildlife is guarded in the reserve and a game manager is employed for the management of numbers and reintroduction of all species of game naturally occurring here. The Lodge Owners' Association has an environmental officer.
Energy: Lodges run mostly on solar energy, swimming pools are chlorine free and water is conserved through awareness. Lodges also utilise gas and solar energy for hot water and gas for cooking to save energy. There is no access to electricity through a grid system and so all lodges have been built on eco lines.
Royal Jozini has its own water treatment plant and water is pure and safe to drink.
Waste water and sewage is managed through French Drains and Septic Tanks and no chemicals are used.
All lodge owners pledge to conserve the environment and some utilise Earth Probiotic's food waste management system to return compost and liquid fertilizer back to the earth. Where possible, visitors are asked to remove glass, cans and paper and take this back home with them for recycling. (This area of Swaziland is so rural there are no recycling plants nearby.)
Building guidelines are stringent so that each lodge fits into the environment with the least impact.


Royal Jozini supports the local community who have an interest in the Reserve and who are employed at the reserve in conservation, guarding, game ranging, housekeeping, etc. The local workers are paid fair wages that are negotiated with the community and they receive training and opportunities not previously available to them.
The Royal Jozini Lodge Owners are involved with the local community though their Association and income is channeled to a Community Trust which is utilised for upliftment projects and their direct needs.
Most workers are transported from the village to the Reserve daily so that they can preserve their family life in the village.
The Swazi people are friendly and obliging and in this rural area of Swaziland, welcome visitors open heartedly.
It is envisioned that as the reserve grows and develops and more visitors come, then the local community will be encouraged to produce arts and crafts.
There is a local market place which supplies basic veggies and visitors are encouraged to stop and buy when they come through the border post.

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