Tanzania safari lodge, near Saadani National Park

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tanzania safari lodge, near Saadani National Park


Being located right on the coast almost on the equator, sun and wind are abundantly available; so our lodge is run entirely on renewable energy. We have more than 3KW of solar panels and two wind turbines that provide together a maximum of 4KW.
The guest units are separated from the main grid of the lodge and each is equipped with a solar panel, battery, inverter and solar charge controller which displays for the guests the state of the battery, how much electricity they have used and how much the solar panel has supplied since they have arrived.
The guest units are equipped each with a solar water heating system so that even with only one hour of sun a day, our guests won't have to miss a hot shower in the evening.

Building Eco:
All the buildings at Tembo Kijani are constructed from local materials and some of them in the local style.
All the roofs are constructed of sisal poles and coconut leaf thatches, just the way you will find it in every village around the area.
The bandas are built using farmed wood to work again deforestation, burlap, canvas and kumba, which is locally made thatches of coconut leaves.
Barks of pine and cypress are the main materials for the bungalows together with the local Tanga Stone as flooring.


Friends & Neighbors:
Our supplies of vegetables and fruits at Tembo Kijani are mostly taken from Pangani, the nearest bigger market; fish and seafood are brought in the mornings from the local fisherman to our kitchen instead of buying from the markets. Meat and other groceries are purchased in the village nearby. We try to use the products available close by and support the local community of fishermen and farmers by buying their products.
Day trips to Pangani, transport to airports or other destinations are carried out by local service providers.

A Fair Deal:
All our employees are coming to work from around the next 15km. They are receiving a higher wage than the average in this area; they are insured in the National Social Security Fund and are registered as our employees with the state.
Besides teaching about being eco - meaning avoiding of waste, recycling water, using renewable energy - we provide them with the opportunity to learn not only English and a little bit of German, but also being professional in their profession - may it be as a waiter, housekeeping, cook or gardener and being able to give European standard service.

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