Valladolid vegan bed & breakfast in Yucatan, Mexico

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Valladolid vegan bed & breakfast in Yucatan, Mexico


We share our knowledge of organic farming and permaculture with people, the importance of veganism in our world, to protect and honor all living beings. Our dogs eat home made, vegan dog food, we buy most of our food locally from small farmers and are working on establishing a garden next door.

We have friends who teach about permaculture and others who offer teachings in Mayan herbalism and sustainability and we offer this knowledge to those who are interested.

In our buildings we used local, responsibly harvested wood, and employed local craftsmen and workers in all our renovations and building needs. We have our own deep cenote well which we use for our water needs and recycle used water in the garden. Our composting toilets don't use any water and don't pollute which is important in an area with a lot of underground water and dry land.

We limit the use of plastic containers and bags as much was possible and receycle what can be used and/or support the local receycling industry.

We do compost our own fruit and veggie waste and have a dry leaf composting area on our property. It's easy to get around to almost anywhere by bus, collectivo, bike, or on foot. We recommend those options to our guests or organize trips with other guests together.

We use energy saving light bulbs and recommend to our guests to choose a 'cold', sun warmed shower instead of a hot one. All our water heaters work on demand, and the cold water gets sun heated. All our waste water gets used in the garden.

We work on improvements on a regular basis.


We know where to go to and how to get local produce, crafts, and services. There is a great local market in Valladolid as well as wonderful, home crafted products from artisans in a special place. Sunday's are especially great with more displays of crafts, get togethers, music and performances.

There are great little restaurants nearby, a real Italian Pizzeria that also caters to vegans, and other places that provide vegan and vegetarian fare.

We can guide you to great places to see, from local cenotes to permaculture, ranches, snorkeling deep in the Earth or with colourful fishes.

We are supporting local shelters and their campaigs and help to educate how to treat your pets by involving local kids, teaching by walking the talk.

As well as we show people a healthy way of eating and living, in harmony with nature.

We are just starting out but we do offer a fair deal of wage to our workers and pass on our knowledge to them in regards to using environmental friendly cleaning supplies, preparing healthy food, etc.

We like to involve our guests into the daily life of the city, get them to know the people, their way of living, and respecting their values.

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