Ammarnas self catering cabins, Swedish Lapland


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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ammarnas self catering cabins, Swedish Lapland


Wildlife - We are committed to protecting the wildlife of our village, in particular with regards to sustainable fishing in Lake Bertjaure. We have been planning the "diving experience of dancing with grayling" - how to snorkle around in cold mountain water and watch fish. It’s important to us to ensure that fishing can continue sustainably so that the wildlife of the water is available for future generations to enjoy.

Building - We build, restore and equip using carefully sourced local materials and in a style that tells the cultural or geological story of the landscape. Our accommodation is subtle and respectful to the surroundings. Our traditional trappercottages are close to the water. Two are on the banks of the Vindel River and six up by the Lake Bertejaure. They are simple, but cosy and well equipped. Each has a fireplace or wood-stove, gas for cooking, a dry toilet in the back-yard and water can be fetched from the river.


Friends and neighbours - We know where to find all things local and we support/ recommend our neighbours, spreading tourism income to those most in need. We use local suppliers for ski-doo hire and equipment, horse riding, skiing and all other activities that we offer. We explain to our guests the relevance of each supplier in the village and how we work together to create our package.

Local crafts and culture - We have an onsite art gallery exhibiting the work of Marita Norrin who designed the swedish ten-kronor coin. Marita uses clay to do the seemingly impossible; to capture life's movements and, above all, the emotional charges of life.The clay readily carries forward the energy from the present moment into "eternity" with the help of plaster and bronze. Traditional culture in our village has two faces - the sαmi and the settlers culture. My responsibility is to show the farmers culture of the mountains. My way of doing this is to present the tale of Five Farmers.

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