Kibale National Park campsite & guest house, Uganda

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Kibale National Park campsite & guest house, Uganda


We promise to continue planting trees and educate our community members about environment conservation and protection.

During camping, we promise to put out fire properly and pick littering rubbish which will later be burnt.

Since we are situated on a crater lake, we promise to make sure that everyone that goes fishing obeys the areaís fishing guidelines. The guidelines are there to protect the fish, but in the long term they protect people and environment.

Separate compost, recycling, and garbage. Donít know how to compost or what items can actually be recycled? We shall always advise.

Turn off lights and appliances when they donít need to be used.

Buy products with less wrapping and packaging

Use reusable containers for leftovers and lunches.

Be careful of what we wash down the sink Ė avoid pouring down oil, paint, and
hazardous chemicals.

Try to avoid using air conditioning as much as possible. If thereís a breeze, open your windows and turn on a fan.

When we mow the lawn, trim the hedge, or rake up leaves, we promise to use the cuttings in our compost bin.


We promise to encourage guests to visit local attractions, eat in local hotels during community visits and buy local produce like crafts.

Take families to the park and talk to them about the joy of being in green, clean, preserved environments.

We also promise to teach and encourage young people like kids to get acquainted with environment protection,benefits and encouraging them have tree-planting as a hobby.

When you are outside, we promise to advise our visitors to pick up rubbish and teach their kids about the damage caused by littering.

Droughts can cause our gardens to shrivel or our water use to skyrocket. We promise to teach the community about installing irrigation.

We promise to volunteer in community projects by becoming a member of all the local parks and conservancies. Through these memberships, We can be aware of clean up projects, awareness campaigns, and opportunities to do things such as tree planting.

We promise to continue to support my local farmers' markets. When buying locally, it eliminates the need for our food to travel, maintains good soil quality, and reduces water pollution and increases revenue generated to our local communities.

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