Sicily self catering cottages, Italy


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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Sicily self catering cottages, Italy


Energy: We have recently turned to renewable energy and power our cottages solely via solar technology. We have done this becuase it is not only cost-efficient (we hope to also be able to sell back our energy to the national grid) but also because it is easy and right. Solar energy is a natural way of sustaining what has otherwise become a too costly endeavour. Energy consumption is for us a real problem as our area does suffer from energy curfews in the summer when there is overusage and we hope in this way to alleviate the community and become self-sufficient.
Buildings: We believe in preserving the state of things so as to preserve their ideals, our care of the garden and the cottages is proof of that. We have renovated our buildings by ensuring consistency with the main house and by reflecting a and recuperating the traditional features and architectural styles which had been lost over time.
Waste: We recycle as much as possible, and directly use all bio refuse in the garden to feed our animals or to nurture our plants.


Local crafts: To preserve the stae of our buildings we resort to old craftmanship. we employ locals and strive to allow young craftmen/women to endevaur in their struggles by employing them rather than more established workers. In this sense we have already contributed to "offering a fair deal" and will continue to do so whenever the opportunity arises. We hope to soon be able to open a restaurant and within it give the opportunity to young local chefs to start a career at more favourable conditions.
Neighbours: We think regeneration of our community is important. To do so we offer our guests local products produced in neighbouring farms and vinyards (oil and wine) and promote friends and other entrepreneurs to our guests. We can and should however improve on this as there are sinergies to be obtained by branching out with complementary partners (who provide food or wine tastings in the area, or organise sight seeing tours/excursions, etc). We will try and improve on this to support our local community further and with it ourselves.

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