Santa Cruz Island self catering villa, Galapagos Islands


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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Santa Cruz Island self catering villa, Galapagos Islands


I have been involved in the Municipal recycling project on Santa Cruz since 2003. This project won the 2012 Award for the best Ecuadorean Municipality for the treament of waste . I have advised the Mayor on several enviromental issues concerning waste and campaigns in the community to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I regularly participate in clearing waste from the bay . I instigated a project to make shopping bags from cardboard , paper waste and old magazines and to make small animal shaped mirrors as an art form, from glass, wood and paper waste . I can take my guests to visit the Recycling Centre near Puerto Ayora.

All the lights at my house are energy saving. I built high ceilings and enormous windows so it is not necessary to use airconditioning in the main house.
I am supporting the new windpower project which is in the process of being built in Barrio Pampas Coloradas in Puerto Ayora which will bring an end to using oil power. I use a wood and carbon oven.


I promise to support my community by employing local staff and supporting them and their families in education. I ensure the children of my employees receive a good education and encourage them in further education,I help and encourage students in Galapagos to obtain a visa from the European community so they can go universities in Europe. I support local artists and artisans by buying and promoting their artwork in Galapagos and throughout South America.I have helped and I will continue to help local artists exibit at the prestgious Royal Palm Hotel John Madejski Gallery.
I buy organic fruit and vegetables grown on Santa Cruz, buy free range eggs from family farmers. As the honorary italian consul in Galapagos and as a medical doctor I help to liase with the Italian Ambassador in Quito to support health projects in Puerto Ayora. In the past I helped with the building of the local hospital and will continue to help with health issues in the community. I support local health charity run by good friend Emily Pozo.

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