Alentejo yurt, tipi & safari tent camping, Portugal

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Alentejo yurt, tipi & safari tent camping, Portugal


Our tents are built on wooden platforms above the earth, so nature can continue to grow beneath it. We use as much as possible natural products for conservation. Our own house is made from earth from our own land, a traditional way of construction. Cool in summer, easy to heat in winter.
We only rent our tents from spring to autumn, heating is hardly ever needed and due to warm weather and long days the amount of energy needed is minimal. Outdoor lighting is 95% solar powered.

Waste water goes to a biological septic system followed by a reedbed, after which the water can be used for irrigation of our biological vegetable garden.
Waste is separated, biodegradable products go to our compostheap.

We buy as much as possible from local producers, eggs from the chickens walking around in our village, milk from local dairyfarms and vegetables from local small scale farmers or from our own garden.


We have good contact with our neighbours in the village and promote their businesses to our guests. Sometimes people find it a little treathening to enter a small portuguese cafe, but when we tell them how it works they love it because it is so traditional. In every tent is documentation where to find small restaurants, cafes, handicraft or tours that are of the beaten tourist track.

We buy as much as possible local products from the small scale farmers around us. We also have a small display with local products and handicraft.
We do most of the work ourselves but when needed we always hire local people who can use the income.

We always tell our guests about local customs and how things are done in Portugal. We try to make them feel part of the community.

We promote the Alentejo, the poorest region of Portugal, on the internet with tourist information. Tourism is the main product of this region, but is badly promoted outside of Portugal. The people here really need the income, so we will also do promotion outside our own place.

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