Eastport guesthouse in Long Island, New York State


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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Eastport guesthouse in Long Island, New York State


43 South Bay Avenue is the ultimate sustainable guest home. The home consumes no fossil fuels, and instead, uses a building-integrated solar photovoltaic system, building-integrated solar thermal system (the first of itís kind in the United States to be installed in combination with Solar PV), geothermal heating and air-conditioning, geothermal hot water heating. Additionally, to save on energy use, the home includes all-CFL lighting, tight/high-thermal resistance building envelope, passive solar design, dual-flush toilets, EnergyStar appliances, fixtures and fans. This home has earned a 5-star plus HERS rating of 95.0.

The homeís low-stress location allows easy access to all other Hamptonsí points of interest, beaches, along with the North Forkís vineyards, farms, history and marine attractions. The rural and picturesque areas surrounding the home are ideal for those who like to walk, run, bike or limit their driving Ė world class ocean beaches, four-star restaurants, historic sites, and well known Hamptonsí shopping areas are in close proximity.


43 South Bay Avenue is the home of the charitable non-profit organization, Renewable Community Initiative, Inc. (RCI), which endeavors to reduce energy costs for poor and struggling middle-class families while transitioning away from the use of fossil fuel, beginning in Suffolk County, New York, through grants and other programs. RCI seeks to work with nearby communities to bring solar panels, and other forms of clean energy to families that would otherwise be unable to afford such technologies. RCI has already begun working with the Eastport American Legion to dramatically reduce their energy bills, through the use of clean energy.

Another mission of RCI is to design and construct affordable houses which have net-zero fossil fuel emissions and come with zero energy bills, by running entirely on energy produced in the home. Funds raised through renting rooms at 43 South Bay Avenue go directly toward furthering RCI's mission of reducing energy costs for struggling homeowners. By staying at 43 South Bay Avenue, guests support RCI, and help to bring sustainable energy, and relief from worrisome energy bills, to those most in need of this assistance.

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