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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Kerala Farmstay, India


All produce is organically grown and the farm has gone to great lengths to ensure it follows the best practices in the industry. Since the reuse of animal waste increases the organic matter content of soils, and good waste management reduces the instances of water contamination and minimizes surface water pollution; the farm makes its own organic compost with waste. Waste from coir pith, organic waste, garden waste and other organic material are largely used for compost manufacturing. Farm cows play an important role at the farm. Biogas is produced using cow dung for cooking purposes and the slurry is used as manure. Farm waste and kitchen waste is used to make farm yard compost. The waste material from the cattle shed, namely cow dung and urine is used to derive jeevamritham, panchakavya types of manure, which are then used in the farm. In this way we ensure that all waste are reused and recycled to help the environment.

Water is precious and we value its importance on our farm. We save water by using rainwater harvesting techniques that diverts and captures rainwater from roofs and gutters. Huge underground ponds have been built to collect this water. There is also a well-designed and controlled drip irrigation system to avoid water wastage and to keep crops healthy. The guests on the farm are given tips on rain water harvesting and are encouraged to do so in their homes. As they are taken around the farm, the concept of drip irrigation and various methods of water conservation is discussed.

We are aware that the biogas is a biofuel with a high energy value and basically consisting of methane, which can be used as a renewable energy source as a substitute for natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. We have desi cows on the farm and cow dung that is generated is collected in large quantities and is used in the biogas plant. The biogas that is produced at our biogas plant on the farm is used for cooking purpose in our kitchen. The sludge that comes from the biogas is further exploited at the farm as a soil fertilizer.

Environmentally sensitive features at Harvest Fresh Farms include eco friendly and cost effective buildings where natural materials like stones, timber, clay, palm leaves and terracotta tiles are widely used to be in tune with the surrounding flora and fauna.

We encourage our visitors to take the local guides to see the place and enjoy various activities like trekking, cycling etc. We provide bicycles and the option of a bullock cart ride at the farm for local travel as it delivers an exhilarating experience.


As we are located close to the famous and richly bio-diverse Periyar Tiger Reserve, India’s largest wildlife sanctuary, the farm makes arrangements for day visits so that guests can go on boat rides, safari adventures or visit nearby attractions for cultural activities and get the feel of the place.

The farm has all its working hands from the local community who are trained in organic farming and are as dedicated as we are in enriching the environment. We sustain jobs by supporting other local units who are similar in our values and ideals. In our roadside shop we not only keep our produce but also keep organic produce from other organic farms. Our aim is to support purchasing locally grown food to help guests enjoy the fresh produce.

We encourage guests to visit other organic farms and also enjoy the atmosphere and experience of the daily farmers’ market, where one can join the locals as they shop for their daily necessities; have tea in the local stalls and enjoy a story or two with the farmers and their families.

We work to create a good relationship between tourists and the local community with the help of our local guides and also due to the fact that we offer the local people good working conditions, a fair wage, and empower them with training opportunities, due to which many visitors have been warmly welcomed to the homes of the locals for tea and even at times for small family functions.

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