Tasmania eco retreat, Freycinet NP



Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tasmania eco retreat, Freycinet NP


We are eco-certified with Ecotourism Australia to the advanced level. In order to attain this we had to demonstrate our commitment to the environment.

The property was originally a degraded (previously logged) bush property of 1200 acres, which is next to the Freycinet National Park. This has flourished under our stewardship, and although it is a large acreage, we have kept development to a minimum being only in certain defined areas. The rest of the property has been submitted to the State Government as being suitable for conservation covenants, and we are waiting for new titles reflecting this status to be issued. We passively encourage the existing wildlife, in that clearance is kept to the legal minimum required and we do not use any pesticides or fertilisers. We have also been wildlife carers and have successfully raised and released several orphaned wombats back into the wild.

As far as our buildings are concerned; we have followed environmentally sustainable design principles as far as budgetary and legal constraints have allowed and we feel that our buildings have had a low visual impact, whilst also providing a unique opportunity to stay in considerable comfort in our "wilderness" location.

We collect our entire water supply in rainwater tanks, and have, so far, been able to remain completely self-sufficient with regards to water. We try to conserve energy by using energy efficient lighting and appliances, and we have two solar systems installed on the property (so far!).


We not only recommend local suppliers and services, but we also work in partnership with several stakeholders in the area.

We have already mentioned our very local neighbours being the wildlife, and we have registered our property as "Land for Wildlife" with the State Government. In addition to this, one of Tasmania's finest cold pressed honey producers places his hives on our property for the collection of kunzia nectar (similar to manuka).

We have partnered with another business, which also happens to subscribe to Responsible Travel, in offering a guided walks, which are based on our property, and we also work with Responsible operators.

We are fortunate in that the Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) owns some land in the Freycinet area, and we have partnered with them in offering to make a contribution to that organisation should any guest mention that they have been referred by the TLC.

We have had charitable fundraising events held on our property and when we first opened we were pleased to be able to welcome the board of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) which had one of their meetings here.

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