Merzouga luxury desert camp in Morocco


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Responsible tourism

Merzouga luxury desert camp in Morocco

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


The desert environment is precious to us and we do all possible to preserve it.

We have solar panels spread around that provide electrical power for the entire camp.

Our waste is treaded and recycled. Vegetable and fruit scarps along with bread are given to people in nearby areas for their animals or even camels stationed at the camp. Left over meal is handed to Nomads. Plastic bottles are recycled.

We use ecological products in kitchen and bathrooms that spare the environment. Hamman towels are provided in our bathrooms. They are low in water consumption and are quick to dry.

Camel’s waste is collected and used for campfire at night.

We are looking into options for dealing with waste/grey water to minimise water consumption in the future.


Our camp is locally-owned. Hamid is from Merzouga and Abdou is from Draa Valley by Zagora. Both are simple men who know the hardship of life, they respect others and have the greatest values for local tradition and culture. They only employ local Moroccans in the camp, providing a living for them and their families. In case of groups or busier nights we hire extra help from local men and women.

Workers are compensated on monthly basis for the 12 months no matter if there is work or not. They are given meals and drinks free. When we need, we hire drivers and companies for 4x4WD, only owned and run by locals.

We have the greatest regard for Nomads living in the desert, and of their way of living. We work mutually with them, encouraging relationships of mutual benefit between them and the tourists. We try to help them in ways they might need, for example, we buy camels from them, and give them left over meals and old blankets. We respect their life and try to do what we can to help preserve it.

We encourage our clients to meet with local Berber families in nearby villages for a more authentic experience which helps to bring some income to these villages, and homes. Generally travelers have lunch with the local family who gives them a sample of local cooking and storytelling and in return they help locals to sustain their way of life.

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