Northern Territory wilderness accommodation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Northern Territory wilderness accommodation

We are local operators and established our business in 1992. The wild bush luxury concept brings a uniquely Australian style to your stay – a ‘down to earth’ yet attentive level of service; an appreciation of the finer details; and above all a team of hosts and guides who are passionate about the area and its wildlife.

Along with this, while hosting your stay in this ecologically unique environment, the camp owners make a firm commitment to the principles of sustainability and conservation. Each aspect of the camp, from energy usage to waste disposal, has been carefully planned to minimize the impact on the land and the camp’s owners are constantly reviewing and improving their strategies. It was of the utmost importance to design the camp around the existing natural landscape, therefore no trees were felled during the development.

We have enormous banks of solar panels powering our hot water and other energy needs – 60% of energy to the camp is solar generated. We use only ecologically recommended products in the maintenance of the camp, i.e. detergents.

The camp is situated on a buffalo pastoral station. We sub-lease the property thereby supplementing local income, and buy locally owned product where possible. From April 2008 we have made a commitment to donate part-proceeds from Bamurru Plains to the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of Australia’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems.

Through interactive guiding and personalized hosting the camp aims to provide guests with an innovative natural experience that inspires a greater awareness of Australia’s unique and specialized environment.

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