Soweto homestays in South Africa


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Soweto homestays in South Africa

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Phaphama Initiatives NPC organises Soweto visits which provide an authentic view of contemporary, urban, South African life by bringing visitors in touch with local people. Our guides have all grown up in Soweto, having experienced apartheid and the transformation to democracy, hence they can realistically portray the remarkable successes and the serious challenges facing our young democracy. Our guides are fully trained, also in our own human relationship training methodology.
We involve as many local people in visits to Soweto as possible; in any one visit there is not only a guide, but also a local driver, a family hosting lunch (or a home-stay), local community safety people (for longer stays) and a number of neighbours participating in intercultural discussions, depending on the size of the group. Our Soweto visits provide local people with a means of breaking out of the tedium of daily life.
As visitors will be exposed to at least one indigenous language, local people, who are not formally educated and believe they do not have anything to offer the world, will value their own languages and lifestyles as something that other people want to know about and learn from. This gives them pride and an appreciation of the value of their language, African identity, culture and life.
In the process of interacting with one another, relationships are built, some of which have been sustained over many years.
We also customise our tours to the interests of our visitors. Over the years, we have had widely varied requests to visit such sectors of the population as small and medium-scale entrepreneurs, church leaders, people involved in nursing and health care, police workers, sangomas (traditional healers), people involved in the gay and lesbian movement, and community development projects. In some cases, these links between visitors and local projects have led to visitors adopting a project and completing another phase of their support – repairing infrastructure of a crèche, painting, starting a food garden - with each returning visit.
Staying at a local home with families has also impacted positively on the home environments of visitors, who have once again learnt to appreciate the value of running water and electricity through their experiences in township homes.
Food is also largely bought from local, small-scale sellers, who often provide this service as the sole source of income for themselves and their families. We commit ourselves to working mostly with unemployed families for hosting meals and home-stays.
Above all, this is not simply a tourism enterprise. As a not-for-profit company, Phaphama Initiatives NPC dedicates any profits from our Soweto visits to our social development work in Gauteng and beyond.

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