Copenhagen boutique hotel, Denmark

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Copenhagen boutique hotel, Denmark


Hotel Alexandra has been awarded the Danish environmental certificate THE GREEN KEY

Our goal for preservation of the environment is to minimize our consumption of chemical and natural resources, avoid unnecessary waste, avoid unnecessary strain on our employees, as well as improving indoor climate, our outside environment and work environment by replacing environmentally damaging chemicals and materials, increasing effectiveness and thereby creating an attractive workplace and an eco-friendly hotel.

In order to reach this goal, we must systematically continue to develop and document within the 12 areas below how we operate. We have given an example of what we do in each of the areas.

1. Indoor climate; Smoking regulations have been established in each department
2. Cleaning; Daily cleaning detergents have been replaced by biodegradable products
3. Refuse; As well as effectively sorting refuse, it has also been our goal to avoid unnecessary amounts of garbage. Currently we sort paper, cardboard, glass (coloured/clear), recyclable bottles, food, aluminium, plastic, light bulbs/neon lights.
4. Electricity; All room lighting can be turned off by guests on one main light switch when leaving the room.
5. Water; Water saving showerheads and faucet filters have been installed.
6. Heating; Double-glazed windows have been ordered and will soon be installed.
7. Food supply; Replace more non-organic food with organic food (when choosing organic food, we evaluate quality, supply guarantees and prices)
8. Management; The Management's and Reception's contribution to the accumulated environmental awareness is primarily saving on paper, energy and information consumption
9. Purchasing; Our suppliers are selected based on their ability to supply eco-friendly products
10. Education; Written and oral information about ecology is supplied to staff
11. Work environment; It is our attitude that we must continually maintain and develop our attractive workplace with a healthy work environment, in order to attract and retain competent employees.


At Hotel Alexandra we support the restaurants, cafés and museums that we believe are the best, and suitable for the individual guest. We never recommend restaurants after what they want to pay us in comission. We have made our own city guide: "My Places in Copenhagen" that gives each staff members' personal opinion of where to go and what to see in Copenhagen. Our goal is to make our service individual and we will do our best to provide the recommendations we believe will be most relevant for the individual guest and their needs.

We will recommend certified restaurant and cafes that we believe meets a reasonable standard of good ingredients and where price and quality are reasonable.

At the reception you can also always get a free copy of our café & restaurant reviews. When a staff member has visited a new restaurant or café, he or she is comitted to write a short recommendation that we save and guests can use as a guide for where to go.

Hotel Alexandra is also a part of "GO GREEN COPENHAGEN" a guide to visit all the environmental and organic shops, restaurants, attractions in Copenhagen.

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