Gunjur lodge accommodation in Gambia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Gunjur lodge accommodation in Gambia

The project's main focus is to ensure that all who visit whether they be holiday makers or volunteers leave making a positive impact on the local community and Gambia as a whole.. The project currently oversees the sponsorship of over 80 young peoples education through sponsorship funds left by visiting guests or funds sought from friends of the project through social networking sites.

The project also works very closely with the Village Development Committee and support a number of community projects including the development of Kajabang nursery school, the financing of the building equipment, painting of school and classrooms, resources for the school, funds for teachers to attend training courses, the financial support for the development in a outreach health post. All of the funds raised to support these community projects have come from the friends of the project.

The project also works with AFNOW (Abubakar Siddique Foundation for Needy and Orphan Welfare) and some of our visitors have helped to run activities for groups of orphans, supported their fund raising events and funded training session to give people skills to improve their circumstances.
The Gunjur Scouts have also benefited from the guests who visit the project - they now have new uniforms, better instruments for their marching band, tents and links with other scouting organisations.

Environment: We work closely with GEPADG (Gunjur Environment Protection & Development Group) and one of the members of the project team is an active member of the group. We encourage guests to take a walk with one of the GEPADG guides around the protected belong area where they will see first hand the beauty of this protected wetland from its various birds and abundance of plant & tree life not to mention the reptiles and crocodiles. We ask the guests to make a donation to the GEPADG team in order for them to sustain themselves and work towards development of the services provided. More recently a group from VSO Holland worked with the GEPADG team to render and roof an old building to enable a information centre on the edge of the belong allowing for the GEPADG team to have an office to meet and also for visitors to gain information.

Momadou the Chef works a garden to the rear of the lodge. Here the salad, tomatoes, carrots, aubergines, herbs and green peppers that are eaten for lunch are grown and collected daily. He supports his extended family by selling the excess vegetables grown and not used at the lodge. In addition to the vegetables garden the fruit visitors eat for breakfast is sometimes taken from the fruit trees around the lodge.

We can't take away the fact that people have travelled either by aeroplane or car to reach us. We also have vehicles at the project that we use. However we encourage guests to get out and about on foot there is so much to see in walking distance. Our site is mainly run on solar and solar heated water is provided. All waste food and pealing from the kitchen is taken for a local Manjargoe family to feed their pigs. All drinks from Julbrew are returnable & refillable and all plastic bottles are used by either adults or local children for drinks at school. Additionally we have instigated and managed several tree planting exercising from visiting groups and individuals.

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