Dominica forest cabin holiday accommodation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Dominica forest cabin holiday accommodation

Our accommodation is an eco-sensitive establishment in that we effectively "recycled" the ruins of an original hotel, building on existing foundations, using local hand-harvested materials within previously landscaped areas. We are fortunate to be situated on Riviere La Croix that provides all of our utility water via a ram pump. Our drinking water comes from a natural mountain spring.

Our community is very involved in our project by offering trail guiding, educational farm tours, supplying additional produce, and providing transportation. We have been very fortunate to have both visitors and neighbors with ecologically conscious lifestyles. It is a pleasure for us to facilitate this exchange.

The utility water comes directly from the river by a ram pump which we built using locally obtainable materials. The unit consist of only two moving parts and runs entirely on the energy derived from the river. The ram is able to hydraulically pump water vertically over 200 ft up the mountain where it is stored in cisterns and gravity feed to areas where needed. This system delivers us over 1000 gallons of water a day and works 7 days a week 24 hours a day. We also make use of our abundant rainfall by capturing rainwater and utilizing it in our pools and ponds. The drinking water is delivered fresh each day from our numerous fresh water springs.

We use several compost methods to maintain a rich organic soil for our flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

The three bin system gives us a good quantity but takes a bit more time. We also use rotating barrels that work extremely fast but have limited capacity. Free stand composting is utilized about the property and gives us very large quantities but takes more time.

We use a shredding machine to help break down fallen limbs, coco pods and leaves to a very small size which speeds up the composting process. Our chickens and dairy goats are quite good composters themselves. The pen manure is mixed with compost and the soil is adjusted accordingly for the optimum PH balance necessary.

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