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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Country Manor hotel near Petersfield, England


In his book 'A Guide to the End of the World: Everything You Never Wanted to Know', Bill McGuire says: 'The British Isles are particularly vulnerable to a side effect of global warming because it is already happening and cannot be reversed for thousands of years'.

He believes there is a serious risk that a disruption of ocean currents, resulting from large scale melting of Arctic ice, will 'shut off' the warm water of the Gulf Stream.

Without the Gulf Stream, he says, temperatures in the UK and north western Europe would be 5 degrees C or cooler, with bitter winters as fierce as those of the so-called 'Little Ice Age' in the 17th to 19th centuries. The process may already be under way, he suspects.

'It is too late to stop temperatures and sea levels rising for thousands of years' he says, 'But if we don't do anything it's going to be much worse for our children and grandchildren. Drastic things have to be done now'.

Langrish House is committed to helping the Environment.

Langrish House is going green but it takes time...

These are some of the steps we are taking:

We are gradually changing the light bulbs to low energy bulbs and introducing Sava plugs on deep freezes and fridges
The heating is on a time clock to control the level in public areas and in the bedrooms.

We recycle paper
We recycle glass
Garden waste is recycled carefully
We send used printer cartridges for recycling
Used stamps are saved for Charity
We have introduced a short flush facility in all the new cisterns.
Self closers are fitted to all the doors to reduce heat loss.
Thermostatic valves are fitted to the radiators thus saving unnecessary heat.
We are trying to find a good use for the used soaps some charities collect them. Can anyone help?
There are a million things we could all do and we are constantly looking for ways reduce our consumption of Energy.


Local crafts:
Langrish House is proud to encourage local crafts. Examples of local artists' work may be found about the Hotel.
Langrish House is host to the annual Langrish Village Fete.

A walk to East Meon:
Turn left out of the gate and walk up the lane not far. At the first house on the right (Pidham Cottage) turn in to the drive and behind the garage there is a gate. Walk up the path to the top of the hill! At the top turn left follow the track round to the right and then take the first left up the hill. There is a 'dog leg' at the top of the hill and then the track continues in the same direction until you get to the house and a road. Cross the lane and to your left there is a gate. Walk across the hill and over another style you then follow the top fence across the top of the hill. You will see East Meon at your feet and it looks like a toy village! There is a very dramatic dipped area which used to be used for growing vines. The Footpath takes you down the hill when you get level with the Church (Norman). Walk through the Churchyard and you will be in East Meon, where there are two Pubs, the Izaak Walton and The George. Both serve very good food. Afterwards, you could catch the 67 Bus back to Langrish, or you could walk back! Happy Walking!

A walk to the Seven Stars:
Turn right out of the Langrish House drive. When you get to the thatched house in the dip – you will see a stile and a path which crosses the garden. Cross the next stile and walk across the field towards the gate. Go through the gate and walk up the lane. At the top of the lane – cross another stile and follow the fence line of the field. Straight ahead of you is a holly tree. At the holly tree there is a stile – cross that stile and continue in a straight line across the field. When you get to the next hedge – follow round to the right and go down the path through the wood. The path forks to the left – towards a gate – and then across a couple of fields. You will come to a ‘road’ – which is very quiet – cross it and turn to the right almost immediately where there is another gate and a footpath marked. Follow the footpath through the little fields until you get to another road. This road is a bigger one and you should watch out for traffic. Turn left – and continue until you see : The Seven Stars


Birds and wildlife:
Langrish House is a member of the RSPB and the Wildfowl Trust. The gardens are full of wild life. There are plenty of rabbits and grey squirrels.

The chickens and bantams are completely free range, but sadly thanks to legislation from Brussels, we are not allowed to serve you their absolutely delicious fresh eggs! We have to eat them ourselves!

We encourage birds by providing nest boxes in the garden, making sure they have water during dry spells and feeding them as per the RSPB guidelines. You may be able to see the following birds:

Blue Tits
Great Tits
Gold Finches
Green Finches
Pied Wagtails
Yellow Wagtails
Greater Spotted Woodpecker
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Black Cap
Stock Dove
Collared Dove
Green Woodpecker
Song Thrush
Wood Pigeon

We would be thrilled to hear of more that you may have identified. There is an RSPB book to help with identification in the Hall. If you are looking towards the Lake you may be able to see the Heron which lives down there and feeds very well on the fish. It has a very ungainly flight! Occasionally a group of Canada Geese fly towards the Lake and make a lot of noise about it! At night it is often possible to hear the Screech Owls.

In the Gardens and on the slopes we have some specimen trees:

Giant Redwood Sequoia
Silver Birch
Abies Grandis
Scots Pine
Atlas Cedar
Ginko Tree

An array of fine, mature Yews, Limes, Sycamores, Horse Chesnuts, Oaks, and Beeches.

Why Not Give The Car A Day Off? (and help the environment as well!)

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