Middelfart self-catering coastal resort, Denmark

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Middelfart self-catering coastal resort, Denmark


In accordance with the development of society, our nature will also be affected. We all have a responsibility, both as an individual, but also largely by business and with responsibility will also the ability and not least the willingness to help address the problem and ensure the future nature.

Middelfart Resort have our nature in mind, as we do our outmost to preserve natural resources - f.ex. usage of solar cells for heating the pool, remote heating system, energy saving light bulbs, automated electricity systems, water saving shower heads and faucets, recycling of paper, cardboard boxees, glass bottles, tin cans etc. In addition to a large degree of isolation in both main building and in the apartments, we yearly have an inspection and evaluation to find out if extra isolation and improvements of existing energy-efficient windows and doors can be made even better.

We are member of The Green Key branding for nature and resource preservation. At a holiday and conferencecenter a lot of chemicals is used on a daily basis - also including cleaning. This off course strain our nature - in anyway the chemicals are present or produced in - as checmicals are not a natural part of the environment. Middelfart Resort primary uses chemicals or cleaners marked by the Swan label or EU flower label, if possible, to reduce the emissions to the nature and at the same time in the best way protects the staff when using these chemicals and cleaners. We also prefer all of our suppliers to use same set of standards for preservation and primary use of Ecolabel products.

Our process in using less energy, heating and natural resource along with using products with brands of ecology, Fair trade and EcoLabel in all our primary and subsidary products are ongoing. We are currently undertaking a project of buying a portion of CO2 neutral energy through windpower. Our mandetory Environmental tax per house per night are used for local environmental & waste taxes and to support and maintain energy saving systems in the houses and main building.


We support and funds Middelfart Deer Park next to us, founded in 2010, and consist of a 165 hectares large forest and meadows with red deer and deer, and an open nature and activity. Here is space for everyone: those who like a picnic or barbecue with friends in the open air, and also to those who want to hike, run, bike or horse back ride in the magnificent nature.

Middelfart Resort also supports and employes people in local jobtraining and rehabilitation, for short term periods in order for them to enter normal labour. As we also conduct the contact and promotion of local shops though our annual Open house arrangement - open for all. Although we are a company all our profit is used for Folkeferie Fonden - a foundation with a wide domestic help and support program. Middelfart Resort also host several Free humanitarian vacation programs during f.ex. summer-, winter- and Christmas holidays in coorperation with a domestic charity organisation.

In addition to environmentally friendly initiatives, we also focus on the individual employee and his work. This may, among other things, include ergonomically correct lighting, reduction tables at all workstations, flat panel displays with low energy and charisma, separate room for the printer, fax machine and copy machine, ergonomic office chairs and healthy and nutritional food for the staff. In addition to the above areas, we have continuously focused on ergonomic keyboards and mice for the individually employee and the employer altitudes frequently used materials. We are also a member of the Danish Hotel employers' association - a hereby recognizing the rules, wages and standards of each union represented at Middelfart Resort.

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