South Downs holiday farmstay cottage, England

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: South Downs holiday farmstay cottage, England


The cottages look the same now as they did when the farm was first built, from the outside at least. Thankfully on the inside the old pens and suchlike have been removed and they have been turned into comfortable and attractive cottages. The cottage has exposed beams and flint stone walls, both original features.

We are on the entry level stewardship scheme as we do try to help local flora and fauna. We have environmental strips allowing for birds and small animals to thrive around the hedges. We also use wild bird seed mix to encourage indigenous birds in the area particularly the yellow hammer which is local. Finally we also employ the coppicing method with Hazel trees which proves very successful in allowing for strong regrowth and a plentiful home for wildlife.

We procure all of the food in the farm shop either from the farm or from our neighbours. All of the beef, pork and venison products come from our farm and we get lamb and free range eggs from our neighbours farm. The shop is open 4 days a week and has proven very popular with those looking for fresh and tasty meat straight from the source.

The farm is only two miles from the nearest train station and we are happy to encourage any guests to walk or bike to us and around the area rather than drive as so much is accessible without a car.


We are heavily committed and involved in our local community. I am on the Parish Council and at present we are doing all we can to build a new village hall for the area without having to get a loan to do so. This involves selling the old village hall so between us all we are implementing this plan.

We are happy to recommend local arts and woodwork courses such as those at West Dean which runs tapestry courses amongst others. There is also the Vale and Downland Museum nearby which is often a point of interest for our guests. There is also a tea room in the local village Funtington with fresh tea and cakes.

We encourage all of our guests to take a walk to the local pubs and restaurants. This is a great plus for us as we can walk to 6 pubs from the farm nearly all without having to touch a road! These all serve local food and drinks and we couldn't choose between them as they are all good, that said we would be able to suggest one perhaps once we knew your personal tastes.

We employ 4 local people in the shop and we as a family run the farm thus providing work for the community.


In our opinion this area of the Downs is the most beautiful, no small claim. The fields roll on for miles around and the Kingley Vale nature reserve is only a couple of miles away with its famous twisted yews and some of the oldest trees in Britain. We can see Chichester Harbour from the farm.

We are a working farm and we are happy to have people come and see what we do on a daily basis, the walk up the lane to the farm has animals on either side grazing in the fields and when you track any of us down we are always ready to stop (if we can!) and tell you a little more about what we are doing and how the farm is run.

The landscape itself is of great importance to us, we are in a lovely south facing aspect with rolling chalk down land hills all around us. The fields are made up of both dairy and arable usage which both looks beautiful and keeps the fields fresh with rotation. Within half an hours walk are two areas of beech hanger woodland which are beautiful and really popular with our more adventurous guests. On top of this there is the Kingley Vale reserve which is of great ecological importance and a very viable three quarters of an hour walk away.

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