Lyngby hotel near Copenhagen, Denmark

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lyngby hotel near Copenhagen, Denmark


Hotel Frederiksdal has been awarded with the worldwide eco-label, Green Key. By obtaining the Green Key we show a sense of responsibility for our surroundings and society. In order to obtain The Green Key a company has to fulfill a list of environmental requirements. These requirements are contained in a number of criteria which are listed below:

The hotel must have an environmental policy and formulate objectives and an action plan for their constant improvement.
The hotel must comply with national environmental legislation.
The total water consumption must be registered at least once a month.
The staff and cleaning personnel must regularly check for dripping taps and leaky toilets.
Paper towels and toilet paper must be made of non-chlorine bleached paper or must be awarded with an eco-label.
The establishment must separate waste into the categories that can be handled separately by the local or national waste management facilities.
If the local waste management authorities do not collect waste at or near the establishment, then the establishment must ensure safe transportation of its waste to the nearest appropriate site for waste treatment.
Energy use must be registered at least once a month.
At least 50% of the light bulbs must be energy efficient.
Heating, air-conditioning, and other electric devices must be based on time schedules for when the accommodation facilities are not in use.
The majority of the rooms must be non-smoking.
Chemical pesticides and fertilizers cannot be used more than once a year, unless there is no organic or natural equivalent.
Flowers and gardens must be watered in the early morning or after sunset.
The stationery, brochures, etc. produced or ordered by the establishment must be awarded with an eco-label or produced by a company with an environmental management system.


The hotel must be able to inform its guest about local public transportation systems and other alternatives.
When it is possible the establishment must purchase and register the amount of labeled (organic or other acknowledged eco-label) foods and focus on buying locally produced product, when they have less impact on the environment than non-local products.
The hotel must keep guests involved and informed about its environmental policy and goals and always encourage guests and the local community to participate in environmental initiatives.
The hotel must appoint an environmental manager who ensures that staff receive training on environmental issues.

Below you can read what requirements we have admitted us through an international certification:

1) The social conditions
Taking account of ancient monuments and other historical traces
Ensure opportunities for outdoor recreation and nature experiences
Ensure stable conditions for employees
Enter into dialogue with local people about the operation

2) The ecological conditions:
Record and ensure the natural values
Restore natural wetlands
Let individual trees decay in a natural way in the forest production area
Using natural regeneration
Classify areas as untouched

3) The Economic conditions
Ensure production of quality timber and vary the choice of tree species
Vary the supply of products
Allocate areas for more intensive use

It is our hope that by making these commitments, we can give our guests, customers and other stakeholders full confidence in the service and products we provide, and that they are based on solid principles of social, environmental and economic responsibility

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