Catalan yurt accommodation, Spain

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Catalan yurt accommodation, Spain


Our Yurt functions using only renewable energy sources. In our case all the water is heated and all the electricity is generated by solar power. Additional lighting is again generated by solar powered batteries. The grey water soaks away into the surrounding fields or is collected from the roof to water plants and the solid waste is collected and composted down. All vegetative waste, from the vines, woodland and domestic is shredded or composted for use in the vineyard.

In the vineyard we wholeheartedly respect the local environment. We do not use artificial or chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Much of the work is carried out by hand. Our aim is to maintain the biodiversity of the soil, the surrounding vegetation and wildlife so that we can sustain a healthy and dynamic equilibrium within our own environment.

Our vineyard does not look picture perfect; straight rows of vines divided by bare ploughed earth. That is because we believe that keeping a natural covering of plants (including weeds) helps to cut down evapotranspiration during summer, maintains diversity of soil fauna and improves soil structure. The vines put down deep roots looking for water and naturally occurring minerals which are then reflected in the taste of the wine. We are very much looking to develop the 'terroir' in our wine.

This method of husbandry also helps support a wide variety of insects and birds. This is of course good in itself: we have a wonderfully diverse bird population including hoopoes, quail, woodpeckers, cuckoos, oriols and many species of raptor. But it also means that the vines are naturally healthier and therefore more resistant to pests and diseases than those grown as a mono-culture.


We are very much part of the local community and value their help and support. We view this as very much a reciprocal arrangement and encourage guests to do all their purchasing of food, bread, meat etc in the local village and surrounding area of El Moianes.

There is a wide range of local food products available, many of which are ecological. We also encourage guests to use the local bars and restaurants, many of whom serve locally sourced produce. The Moianes region has an extremely active tourist board that specializes in sustainable, ecotourism and they produce a wealth of information of all kinds for visitors.

Here at Colltor we have worked hard to restore and maintain the house and its surroundings. Local builders have re-faced, re-built many parts of the house including the cellar and water deposit which we now use once again. We have cleared the original overgrown terraces, rebuilt the fallen walls and opened up the overwhelmed woodland.

It is a long, slow process and we learn and discover more every day but, we feel very strongly that it is worth every drop of sweat and every penny. We will continue to restore and build up our beautiful surroundings, as well as producing good wine, olives and almonds in a manner that respects the environment and bring as much pleasure to our guests as it does to us.

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