Victor Harbor bed & breakfast in South Australia


South Australia, 5211, Australia

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Responsible tourism

Victor Harbor bed & breakfast in South Australia

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


Solar orientation
Our B & B was designed to take advantage of solar orientation allowing winter sun to warm the B & B naturally but having a wide verandah to keep you cool in summer. The Villa is fully insulated and faces North East.

Solar Power
A 10.0 kw solar system (46 panels) has been installed on our farm sheds to cover the daily electricity usage of the B & B, shed coolroom and our house. Solar lights are used for outside lighting.

Rain water storage
Our 3 tanks have a capacity of 40,000 gallons or 165,000 litres. The B & B, our house and the flower processing shed all operate totally on rain water all year round.

All washing is done with rainwater and environmentally sensitive laundry powder. All washing is naturally air dried outside. The B & B toilet is dual flush and the shower has a water saving feature.

Recycled water
The water from the envirocycle septic system is treated and recycled to water the large front lawn and some other garden areas.

Flower processing
Our bucket water is used to help water our 25 fruit trees.

Organic Compost Bin
A bin is provided in the B & B kitchen for food scraps and we then transfer it to 3 larger compost containers in the back garden.

Recycle Bin
A bin is provided outside the B & B for recycling.

It has been created from an original “soak” and enlarged to create an environmentally friendly habitat for frogs, wild ducks (and their ducklings - in 2010 there were 12 born, in 2011 there were 11 , 2013 there were 11 followed by a further 9 a month later , ibis, magpies, galahs, blue wrens, finches, parrots and many other bird species. All excess storm-water is directed to this wetland.

Thousands of protea shrubs further reduce our carbon footprint.

All protea prunings etc are mulched.


We shop locally whenever possible and use local trades people. The Victor Harbor Farmers market is a great source of fresh local produce. The B & B 's Queen size 4 poster bed was hand crafted by a local furniture maker.
The wine for the B & B is mainly obtained from Banrock Station. For over a decade, Banrock Station wines have brought the pleasure of fine Australian wine and the message of conservation to the world. Part proceeds of every sale have already contributed to conservation projects in 60 countries.
We are part of the Southern Fleurieu Bed & Breakfast Group which exists to support each other and promote local attractions and tours. We have many brochures on local activities for our guests to peruse and can book tours.
We promote our local restaurants in our popular packages and regularly visit our local attractions so that we can give our guests the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

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