Frequently Asked Questions

For day tours and attractions who are already members, watch our video on how to update your page, or read our FAQs below

How much does it cost to market my business on your site?
Upgrades are available at a cost and you will have the option of paying for our premium service, which means you'll have a dedicated account handler to help drive you enquiries.
How do I update my page on the site?
Simply use the fields in our WebPage Maker to enter the relevant information about the product.
Use the 'preview page' icon (on left hand side or bottom of the console) to see how it will look. When you are happy with it, use the red 'submit' button (again to the left and at bottom) to send it to us.
How many pages can I have on the site?
You can have as many as you like providing they are for different products.
Please do not try to create multiple pages for the same experience.
If you do want to create an additional page under the same login please e-mail us at:
If the trips are longer than 3 days you may need to join as a tour operator.
How do I declare a booking?
To receive reviews from your visitors via Responsible Travel simply add the booking details to any enquiry received from us that has become a booking. To declare/add a booking, log onto the console. Click into the enquiry from the person who has booked and 'add' the booking details into the relevant blank fields. You need to declare the booking before they travel to you, as this will then trigger a review e-mail to the people once they return from their holiday with you. Operators on the free membership will not be charged commission for declaring bookings.
What is the 'filter' and how do I use it?
The filter function can be used to filter leads to create a shorter list or search for a particular lead. To find the filter, log into the console and click on the enquiries tab, on this page you will see a drop down menu where you can search for leads by name, email or date. From the drop down menu, choose the field you would like to search e.g. email, then type the email address into the box below the drop down menu and click apply filter. This will then show only the leads associated with the chosen field. Click remove filter if you would like to go back to the original list of leads.
Can I be part of the voucher scheme?
We have lots of vouchers on offer from gift lists to discounts on Responsible Travel. However, these can only be used against product where we receive commission. It is clearly stated on your page that vouchers cannot be used.
Why is the heading on the page not the name I called it?
The heading on the page is written from a marketing and search engine optimisation perspective and it is very rare we'll use the names that an operator has called the holiday.

When will my page updates be live on the site?
After you have submitted your page to us - use the red submit button - we will review it.
We look at every page our main concern is to ensure that you meet our criteria for responsible tourism so please make sure you fill out this section thoroughly.

You will be notified when your page is live on the site.
Can I edit my page?
Yes, use your login details to return to your page to edit your page at any time.
When will I start to get booking enquiries?
Once your page is live on the site we will get to work marketing it to our site visitors and database of travellers via social media, affiliates and PR.
Before long the site should start generating enquiries for you via email or, for an extra 75 + VAT, you can receive enquiries via click-throughs to your phone number and website.
How can I get more enquiries?
The first thing is to ensure your page is as appealing as possible. You can purchase an upgrade to allow you to have: additional photos, (10 rather than 3) a video or additional text. All the upgrades cost 15 + VAT. Please note: we do not allow members on the Premier service to mention their company name on video for commercial reasons. 
Any tips for building a great page?
Some basics first give the right impression from the start:
- Make sure there are no typos and your grammar is good!
- Focus on selling the experience to customers.
- Upload great pictures.
- Tell your own story. People like to know a little about the person behind the business.
- Share your enthusiasm about what you do. Your excitement will be infectious!
- Be friendly, and extend a warm invitation to future guests.
- We don't expect you to have covered every possible angle on sustainability none of us have.
- Visitors want to learn about important local issues, and how you've done something positive to address them.
Is there anything not permitted on my page?
Please DO NOT add the following to your page:

  • email address
  • telephone number
  • links to your own or other company websites
  • customer reviews
  • WRITING IN CAPITALS - it looks awful
  • Can I have portrait images?
    No, due to the design of the website it is not possible to display images in portrait .
    Is there a size limit on the images?
    Yes, please make sure you are using web quality rather than print quality images, they should be no larger than 1MB.
    Can I change the order of my photos?
    No, you need to delete and re-upload photos to change the order of images.
    Do you have any testimonials?
    Yes! Read a few below...

    "As a creative working in advertising I believe that images are the first to woo. The eye needs its candy and the option to show more means a greater chance at seducing the traveller"

    "Words are great, but people want to see what they are buying. I believe the photo upgrade is essential for potential renters to decide if your holiday is for them."

    "We have chosen the video upgrade on Responsible Travel as nowadays, more and more people appreciate watching a video on the internet: as photos became a necessity in the last decade, videos are having the same importance now. It helps people to get a better picture of what to expect for their vacations. We have so far received lots of positive comments about guests who had been watching our videos before booking with us."
    - Benoit et Corinne, Provence holiday accommodation
    What should I do if none of the price basis options available from the list apply to my trip?
    Please email us at:
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