Media Release: 4th July 2017 
Responsible Travel Responds to Channel 4 DISPATCHES, 'SECRETS OF YOUR CRUISE'

Last night’s edition of Dispatches - Channel 4's flagship investigative programme - found pollution and waste management issues that will most likely make unhappy viewing for cruise passengers, the cruise sector and their investors.


The programme found that particulate pollution on board is at the levels you would expect to find in some of the world's most polluted cities. Dr. Matt Loxham, a leading expert on air pollution and human health in shipping at Southampton University was quoted as saying “short term exposure has been shown by some studies to cause increased respiratory problems”.


The waste management story was little better.  How many passengers are aware that maritime regulations allow raw sewage to be dumped at sea once the ship is 12 miles out, or that a cruise ship may produce 79,000 litres of sewage a day?


Only last month The Telegraph reported that Venetians voted to ban giant cruise ships from the lagoon because they "disgorge too many tourists and damage the environment".


Responsible Travel believes the sector needs to plan a new future.  We are calling for: 


     1, A safe future for passengers  

Cruise ships must adhere to safe levels of air pollution.  The rules for land and sea should be the same. Passengers’ health comes first - if the ships are not safe, they should not sail.


     2, The industry should work towards zero waste being discharged at sea  

It must either be treated on board with Advanced Water Treatment systems (Channel 4 found only 50% of new ships built in the next 10 years will meet these standards); or taken back to land by the ship so as to be treated.


     3, License to operate

Cruise ships will be granted licenses to operate by local Governments, who are accountable to residents. The license will only be granted after the local community have participated in defining 'limits of acceptable change' - a set of metrics that define unacceptable changes to local culture, nature and environments.  


     4, Workers’ rights  

Cruise lines will comply with the Geneva Accord, which protects workers’ rights under an agreement under the International Labour Organisation.  Despite becoming law in 2013 there are reports of non compliance. These issues were covered by Channel 4’s Dispatches - ‘Cruises Undercover: The Truth Below Deck’ in October 2012.


     5, Cruise ships will partner with local environmental and conservation organisations to fund work in destinations to mitigate against their impacts

If they are not willing to do this a tax should be introduced to ensure this funding is available.

According to Justin Francis, CEO Responsible Travel:

“Criticism of the cruise sector for its environmental impacts and workers’ rights have been mounting for years.   In my view they'll find the new evidence of impacts on passengers’ health harder to shrug off.   I think we've reached a tipping point where the cruise sector needs to get serious about change, or see its wings clipped by local residents, governments and marine and environmental regulators”.     

For interviews with Justin or further comments, please contact:

Saul Greenland or Krissy Roe

01273 829269


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About Responsible Travel

At Responsible Travel we help travellers live their dreams through authentic and life-enriching adventures, ensuring local people and wildlife benefit and being a catalyst for change in the industry.

Responsible Travel is now the world’s largest platform for ethical tour providers (with a rigorous screening process in place to ensure each company fits the guidelines to be represented on the site). The company is growing by 22% each year with its profits dependent on an ‘Honesty Box’ where tour providers voluntarily declare their commission. It is a member of ABTA.

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Alongside the holidays it markets, Responsible Travel has two other core programmes to drive positive change in the tourism industry:

- Activism – campaigning for more responsible types of tourism worldwide.

- Trip for a Trip - Funding a day trip for a disadvantaged child in a developing country for every holiday booking (where the customer opts in).


CEO Justin Francis has been included in Courvoisiers The Future 500, Thames and Hudsons 60 Innovators Shaping Our Creative Future and taken his place on the Advisory Board of The International Centre for Responsible Tourism.

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