We love hearing our travellers' stories. Whether they've been on a once in a lifetime journey, an adrenaline fuelled adventure or a more relaxing break, there are always some gems to share, be it spectacular scenery, an exhilarating wildlife encounter or a connection with someone in the local community. Here are some of your latest stories...

Learn Spanish & family activity holiday in Spain ★★★★★

"The most memorable part of the holiday for me was the hiking we did on our last day. The Spanish lessons were very good. In the lessons they really push you to your limit, they do give you breaks!...Surprisingly enjoyable. Good food, amazing teachers, fun activities” – Jane Rowley on our Learn Spanish & family activity holiday in Spain.

Cuba adventure holiday ★★★★★

"Las Terrazas is beautiful and interesting. Our group did a death ride there (optional) and that was a lot of fun. The beach and resort at María la Gorda is just like heaven: sit back, drink a mojito and enjoy the beautiful sea. Horseback riding in the beautiful scenery of Viñales is one of the most exciting activities.” – Raymond Tassignon on our Cuba adventure holiday.

Sri Lanka highlights holiday ★★★★★

"On our second day we climbed Lion Rock (Sigiriya) which we'd read about - but it's nothing compared to when you get there. The view from afar is amazing, the climb is tough, but broken up enough that you never felt completely exhausted and the views at the top are breathe taking.” – Emma Bacon on our Sri Lanka highlights holiday
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