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How responsible are cruise liners?
The cruise industry has been ignoring its responsibilities in local destinations for too long. Here, we examine the evidence clearly showing cruising as the bad boys of travel.

Is it ethical to travel to Burma?
Tourism to Burma (or Myanmar) has however been widely linked to human rights abuse, and the country's pro-democracy leader and Nobel prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has asked tourists to stay away - a boycott that has been supported by the international community.

Should all inclusive holidays be banned?
Saint or sinner? Do all inclusive holidays provide a much needed break for millions of families on a tight budget and employment for local people - or deny local communities a fair share of tourism revenues? Was the Gambia right to attempt to ban all inclusive holidays?

Responsible Tourism in Finnish Lapland
“So what's your stance on the environmental impact of tourists driving snowmobiles Timmo?” The question was asked by a British journalist at midnight whilst sitting in a traditional Lappish kota or teepee on top of Olos Fell in North West Finnish Lapland. I've always felt quite privileged to have been there to hear the answer because it highlighted just how important tourism has become in remote corners of the globe.

10 ways to tell if your eco-lodge is really an eco-lodge
'Eco' and 'eco-lodges' have become buzzwords used by both terrific organisations dedicated to conservation and benefitting local people, and those seeking to exploit its marketing potential for economic gain with little or no regard for destinations.

What is community based tourism?
Community based tourism is tourism in which local residents (often rural, poor and economically marginalised) invite tourists to visit their communities with the provision of overnight accommodation.

Animal welfare issues at rodeos and stampedes
Rodeos and stampedes are often major tourist attractions but the welfare of the animals involved can often be at risk. Our friends at the Vancouver Humane Society have helped us put together some information about rodeo events.

Written by Justin Francis
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