Web designer internship job description

Our internship programme
UK law requires employers to pay the National Minimum Wage for any kind of work, including work experience, internships or placement schemes. At present we are only able to offer internships that are fully funded by a third party.

We work with Sussex and Warwick universities who offer fully funded internships to their students and would consider students from other fully funded internship programmes. Below is our Publishing and Web design description that we have with them to give you a sense of what we offer. The exact role we are able to offer to fully funded interns will depend on our requirements at the particular time.

About us
At Responsible Travel we’re here to connect the world’s best small tour operators with people looking for real & authentic holidays. Starting with just 2 tour operators in 2001 we’ve become the leading place to find tours from over 375 small & specialist tour companies in 190+ countries.

In addition to promoting holidays we also publish content including guides to destinations and activities that cut through the deluge to give you what you really need to know: when to go and when not to, what we rate and what we don't, local issues and tips. See our travel guides homepage here >
and ‘at a glance’ holiday summaries. See an example here >

Sample Publishing and web design internship job description
Someone interested in publishing and design to join our publishing team, whose primary objective is to help us publish a wide range of unique content, which might involve any of the following tasks:

Image sourcing & editing
You’ll be looking for exciting and evocative imagery using online photo libraries, creating graphics using photo editing software.

Creating pages
Putting together pages by adding graphics and the text supplied by our writers into our content management system using designed templates.

Editing HTML You will be trained on the basic HTML we use (no previous experience required).

Other tasks may include:
  • Digital housekeeping; ensuring our website runs smoothly.
  • Checking and publishing product/holiday pages.
  • Publishing customer reviews.
  • Ensuring articles and other pages on the site are mobile friendly.
  • Attending weekly company meetings & other meetings where appropriate.
  • While primarily working within the publishing team, you may be asked to provide support across the wider business at times.
Key skills
  • You must be meticulous, creative and organised with an eye for detail and design.
  • The ability to use photo editing software is preferred.
  • Good computer literacy; working knowledge of packages such as Word and Excel is essential.
  • An interest in travel, and in particular responsible tourism, would be an advantage.

[As at 2019]

Feedback from previous interns
Describe a typical day at your internship
There was a lot of varied work, some longer jobs and some very short ones so every day was different. After the first few days of getting to know the company, I usually came into work knowing what needed to be done that day. It was a huge range of jobs that keep the website running smoothly and looking great, so I did jobs like sourcing and editing images, editing code, changing the formatting and eventually designing new travel guides from scratch.

What advice would you give to other students interested in doing something similar?
Make sure you read up on the travel industry so you know the current issues going on that might affect where people are traveling, as well as current green travel issues. It did help me that I was familiar with the basics of HTML, so I would definitely recommend doing a quick free course just to get to grips with the ideas and concepts of it, but they're very friendly and will teach you whatever you need to know. And having a good brownie recipe under your belt is never a bad thing!

Would you recommend your internship employer to other students? Please give reasons.
Definitely! It was a lovely office to work in, everyone was friendly and there was a laid back atmosphere, I quickly felt like part of the team. I had a really nice balance of both learning a lot and feeling like I really was contributing and helping them out.

What was the biggest challenge or highlight of your experience?
The highlight of the internship was towards the end being able to design and code the travel guides from scratch. It was a culmination of a lot of things I'd learned, and it's a task that their actual full time designers do, so it felt great that they trusted me with the job. The biggest challenge was the early mornings!

Reflect back from the day you started to now. How have you changed?
I feel a lot more confident in my skills now that I've put them into practice and being trusted with important work really boosted my confidence, too. It wasn't the kind of internship where I did odd little things that no one had gotten around to doing, I really was helping them make important changes to the site, so after having done this internship I'd feel a lot more confident in my ability to do well in a similar full time job.
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