Where to go on holiday in June

Catalonia, Spain

  • Borneo can be visited year-round - but this is the driest season, so the best time for visiting the rainforest and Mt Kinabalu.

  • Namibia and Botswana's landscapes are still fresh from the rainy season, but you'll have clear skies and plenty of wildlife. It's chilly at night though - especially in the desert!

  • The Inca Trail is cool but clear and dry - and you'll beat the school holiday rush for permits. It's also drier and easier to see wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon.

  • While southern Spain is hotting up, northern regions, including Catalonia, the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa are gloriously warm and sunny without being unbearable. Conditions are ideal for walking and cycling, and getting out on the water.

  • Enjoy endless daylight in northern Sweden, Finland or Norway - ideal for walking, cycling, boating across lakes and even enjoying the beaches. Bring your bug spray, though!

  • Croatia, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Turkey also have great weather for cycling, hiking or water-based activities, and you'll avoid the summer crowds.

  • There's 24-hour daylight in Iceland - and migrating whales can be seen in the surrounding waters. Warmer weather also means great conditions for hiking.

  • This is peak season for tiger safaris in India and Nepal. The climate may be unpleasantly hot, but this is the key - as the tigers have to come out in search of water.

  • Insider tip!

    Although the monsoon rains hit Cambodia from June-October, they're often short, sharp afternoon storms. If you are travelling on a budget and looking to avoid the Angkor Wat crowds, this can be a great month to travel. The stormy skies and green landscapes also make for some gorgeous photos!

    Beat the summer holiday rush by going on an Arctic cruise now. You'll also enjoy 24 hour daylight around the summer solstice.

    The Great Migration's Mara River crossing starts now - so travel to Kenya or Tanzania and beat the summer holiday rush to witness this incredible spectacle!


Where NOT to go on holiday in June

  • This is the cyclone/monsoon season across mainland Southeast Asia and Nepal, causing travel disruption in most of the region - though you'll get some cheap deals.

  • It's cool and wet in South Africa's Western Cape.

  • Morocco is just too hot to travel inland or for activities such as hiking, cycling and desert camping.

  • Southern Brazil will be very cold - but other regions are dry and pleasantly warm.

  • Cuba is very wet, hot and humid - with the southeast being the worst affected.

  • Much of southern Patagonia becomes inaccessible, as well as being freeing cold with few daylight hours.

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