Tiger conservation in Taman Negara, Malaysia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tiger conservation in Taman Negara, Malaysia


By joining this programme you are doing the best thing anyone could do for tiger conservation - removing snares. The removal of snares is vital because poaching is the biggest threat to the current tiger populations in Malaysia.

In addition to the patrols during the programme your fees will also help to support two of the Batek to go on extra anti poaching patrols. The Batek can walk faster and penetrate deeper into the forest then we can take tourists safely. So just think your impact is not just on the walks that you join but also via helping to support the local indigenous tribe to conduct their own patrols.

Without this programme this main wildlife corridor will be lost and the wild populations in Taman Negara would be totally isolated meaning the remaining tigers will be increasingly likely to go locally extinct.

By removing the snares and improving the wildlife corridor your impact will also benefit other large mammal species such as Sun Bears, Leopards and Elephants.


This programme supports the local community through various means.

1) Your food during the week will come from the local restaurants, helping to increase the income to these restaurants. The local restaurants make the best food, so you are ready for a full days jungle walk.

2) You will conduct a three hour English session with the local Batek tribe. English is vital for these people to benefit from tourism. There are many instances in Malaysia and around the world where local tribes have been exploited by tourism as they are unable to communicate with the general international tourist.

3) You will join the Batek ladies on a foraging trip that is not designed for you, but for them, we join them on their everyday life and they get paid for it. These foraging trips and camping excursions are the start of a community-based tourism product by the Batek. In January 2015 10 of the Batek villagers are starting to build their own longhouse to host guests in the village. The foraging trips and camping excursions that we have supported in the last few years will be the main activities they sell to tourists. So your presence is helping to establish community-led tourism products by the Batek, you will be the trail blazers so to speak.

4) You will use local transport when being transferred from Taman Negara to walk heads and the Batek village. Using local transport reduces your carbon footprint whilst benefiting the local people.

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