Annapurna Circuit trekking holiday, Nepal

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Annapurna Circuit trekking holiday, Nepal


In order to safeguard the environment and culture of the area and be a responsible tourist, we give trip briefings to our clients and make them aware of the do's and don'ts while trekking. We try to contribute 100% to keeping our environment as pristine and natural possible. We believe people should only use nature's resources at a rate at which they can be replenished naturally. We use designated routes, campsites and resting places to reduce trampling and other negative environmental impacts. Also, we strictly deject the use of bottled and canned foods, and serve treated water to our trekkers. To help maintain cleanliness and hygiene while trekking, we carry out all rubbish and dispose of it properly by using local rubbish bins. Our cooking is done over adapted gas or kerosene stoves –never firewood. Thus, we urge our clients to bring warm clothes for evenings, as we do not believe in campfire as they pollute the air and encourage deforestation. Making unnecessary noises may disturb our natural surroundings and we may miss the opportunity to encounter wildlife. We try to maintain a peaceful environment by enjoying nature quietly rather than creating superfluous noises. Also, we follow the philosophy of KEEP – "Leave only footprints, and take only photographs."


The money we spent during this trek will contribute directly to local livelihood, women’s empowerment, and environmental conservation. We respect local culture and traditions, use homestays, locally owned hotels/ lodges or campsites as much as possible to support the local communities during the trek. We serve locally prepared food to clients. We, also, reasonably compensate the locals during our stay in local lodges and teahouses. In order to entertain our trekkers, the locals present their cultural programs and the funds raised are contributed to the education of the locals. We urge our trekkers to procure locally made goods only. We offer job opportunities to the local people and give them a good working environment, a fair wages and empower them with training opportunities time and time again. This is helpful during the trek, especially to our guides, as they are fully equipped with a first aid kit and training. For the sake of safety, our guides are provided with insurance from the company. Our porters are also hired from these areas and they are provided with adequate clothing and equipment.

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