Caravan of Peace festival holiday in West Africa

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Caravan of Peace festival holiday in West Africa


We work hard to ensure positive impacts to the local communities and surroundings that we encounter, and encourage travellers to contribute items that are inexpensive and easy to pack, such as pens for schoolchildren and recycled clothing.

Our group sizes typically range from 5 to 9 people, which we believe minimizes impact to the environment and allows our travellers to gain more insight into their surroundings through more individual attention from our guides. We derive ultimate satisfaction from teaching our guests about Malian culture and keeping our traditions and heritage alive through carefully-planned, sustainable, developing tourism.

In Mali and Burkina Fasso, key tourist destinations are spread far throughout the country, and we plan tours carefully so as to maximise ride sharing. Mineral water is safest for tourists and we always offer empty bottles to children and adults along our journeys who will continue a long cycle of re-use for the bottles.

Mali currently is working to reduce large amounts of plastic bags that are not properly disposed of throughout the land, and travellers are quickly made aware of this and encouraged to individually do their part to dispose of any waste in designated facilities.


We employs 100% local guides and drivers. Mali is a country of rich oral tradition, and guides are selected who already have special knowledge about the areas they will introduce to tourists,

Have numerous local contacts, and constantly seek to increase their knowledge and have a passion for teaching tourists about their environments. In addition,

There are many local languages spoken throughout Mali, and our multilingual guides are always able to communicate and facilitate authentic interaction among residents of local destinations and the tourists.

Over the past 10 years we have established relationships with local restaurants and hotels that have similarly high standards for the safety, comfort, and provision of an enlightening experience for tourists.

Pens and paper for schoolchildren are expensive in Mali, and many schools share use of very limited supplies.

We encourages travellers to bring pens or any other supplies or clothes that are easy to pack and do not take up too much room in luggage.

Our local guides and contacts identify schools along our tours that are most in need, and we coordinate with travellers and schoolteachers to distribute the supplies.

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