Walking holiday in the Balkans, tailor made

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This trip can be tailor made to suit your requirements for a minimum of 4 people

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Walking holiday in the Balkans, tailor made


This tour takes you to differenent national parks in three different countries. Each of them features an unique environment, which requires a corresponding attitude from visitors and locals.
Example: Lake Skadar, the biggest lake at the Balkan peninsula features a very rich bird fauna. In our multi-activity and family tours we offer bird watching with kayaks. These tours are guided by bird protection activists. We actively support a local bird life NGO to protect the precious bird fauna.

We avoid using off-road jeep transfers, since some areas do have a very fragile soil surface. Anyhow we believe in the first line that our feet can take us everywhere.

We encourage our guests to use re-fillable waterbottles, since tab water is drinkable. We encourage our guest to take lunch boxes, so we do not need to take each time a plastic bag for the packed lunch.

Especially in July and August water is very short. Even up in the mountains springs can fall dry. We encourage our guests to have a short shower.

We are actively looking for overnight places which already use alternative sources of energy. eg. In Theth valley almost each guesthouse uses solar panels to heat water.

In order to avoid empty transfer kilometers we cooperate with transport providers, who are closest to a starting or pick up point of our tours.

We include public transport in our tours where applicable.


All tour leaders are either native to the area or have lived and travelled or worked in the Western Balkans for long periods. Over 70% of our tour-leaders are actually resident in Montenegro/Kosovo/Albania thus contributing part-time to the local economies.

Our guides are (internationally) trained and licensed, and where applicable accredited (eg. white water rafting) by national law. As well as contributing to the local economy, this practice ensures that our guests learn about the country that they are visiting first hand from someone who knows the country(s) intimately and opens doors normally closed to visitors just passing by.

In the last five years we contributed to several activities (fam trips, journalist trips, training activities, handbooks, infrastructure) to promote this specific areas for sustainable active adventures.
Most of our tours take guests to these regions. We directly support local NGOs (eg women associations, producer associations, ), families (lunches, home stay, cheese making workshops) whilst including them in our programmes. Both sides benefit: the guest gets an insight in a specific topic and the NGOs receives financial support for their activities.
All our activities try to include very local resources.

We include home-stays in some of our itineraries, depending on the target groups and guest wish. These provide directly income to the owners of the houses in which we stay as well as indirectly for other members of the community. (farmers & shepards) and are recognized being a highlight of the tour by our guests.

Culinary: an integral part of real understanding and enjoyment of a region or country is eating the local food. The majority of our tours are inclusive of 3 meals per day the idea being that our guides aim to provide a guided tour to the regional cuisines as well as the sites and landscapes.
We ensure that as well as locally run restaurants our guests are given the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine sold by producers directly.

This ensures that the local producers see how valuable their produce is, in terms of keeping farming traditions alive, which on one side ensures a maintened landscape, which is on the other side the base for rural tourism.

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