Hawaii small group holiday, whales & beaches

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28 Jan 2020
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Responsible tourism

Hawaii small group holiday, whales & beaches

Carbon reduction

Your holiday will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this holiday and how to reduce them.


We generate a respectful contact with the nature and respectful whale watching trips.
Our whale watching partners on Hawai´i conduct its tours with the same belief as us: We are the visitors, the whales and dolphins are our hosts. As whale watching can become a stress factor for the marine mammals as well, respectful observations of whales and dolphins are the key prerequisite for a long term use of the 'resource marine mammals'. Naturally, they adhere to the regulations and the code of conduct of Hawaiian waters and have set their own standards for ecological whale watching even higher than legally obliged to.
We are going out with a guide who is a marine mammal naturalist. He precedes with other companies own regulations of sustainability to protect the cetaceans and the ocean.
On Kauai we also do the whale watching trips with companies which are in favor of respectful whale watching.

The accomodation on Big Island was sustainable constructued (by vernacular materials) and are well integrated in the landscape. Their electricity is completely provided by solar energy.

On our journey we provide biological and mostly vegetarian food.
We also suggest our clientes to buy in local and biological supermarkets only. In this way we support anti-GMO food campaigns on the islands.

We provide plenty of information about the local environment and culture, for example in the info folders we put in every apartment giving you insight into responsible behaviour towards dolphins and whales, problems related to whale-watching and environmental care (e.g. waste and water), nature protection, drinking water, news and innovative projects.

We offer information meetings and varying lectures during our journey as well as answering questions and show that encounters of humans and cetaceans can happen with consideration and respect.


We were awarded the official renowned CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) sustainability certification by TourCert as the first whale watching tour operator. This means that we as a company have:

- Audited our company according to sustainability standards
- Quantified and qualified our ecological and social criteria
- Issued a sustainability report and respective enhancement programmes according to TourCert standards
- Committed ourselves to continuously enhance our sustainability efforts.

We regard the CSR report as a continuous process to enhance the integration of even more environmental and sustainability aspects, way beyond any legal obligations, into the everyday life of the company. We work together with local companies, like small locally owned apartment complexes or car rental companies and encourage our guests to buy and eat out in the local shops and restaurants. The houses and hotels we will stay in employ locals. The products they use are local as well. We will show you the local restaurants and introduce you to the typically local food so you will contribute to the survival of local shops and restaurants.

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