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Description of Madagascar conservation holiday

Travel to some of Madagascar’s most beautiful, off-the-beaten-track locations and contribute to the health of its natural landscapes with a series of tree-planting days on this exciting eco-expedition. Help with the reforestation effort, explore the Andringitra mountains and also relax at the Mozambique channel on this 14-day trip. You will discover some of the island’s most striking and unique scenery, meet local people and enjoy getting to know Madagascan culture, while also working and interacting with key environmental projects and really making a difference while on holiday.

This eco-tourism expedition runs in partnership with Wood En-Stock a local Madagascan NGO specialising in reforestation. The basic idea is to continue to offer a great trip off the beaten path, actively participating in local reforestation and eco-conservation projects.

The duties and missions on this eco-friendly adventure are dictated mainly by the seasons, but each trip aims to present a very positive carbon balance and involves each person planting around 10 to 15 young trees per day. Different sites demand different tasks and there is lots to do beyond simply planting. We also have to tend to past plantations, protect new ones and start from scratch with seeds. Different types of tree are planted in various locations which means each day’s work is diverse, but we always try to alternate between working with locals and exploring the stunning surroundings. The trip ends with time to relax at beaches unspoiled by tourism. Ifaty is a small fishing village with palm-fringed white beaches on the south-western coast of Madagascar, and is an ideal place to unwind after visiting the central highlands.

You will stay in a mix of hotels, camps and simple bungalows offering comfort, country cooking and solar energy. This is a flexible trip, and we can even make specific arrangements for groups and families, whether you are looking for a one day eco add-on or your own special eco tour. We will be happy to fit your plans.

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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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We cater for both vegetarians and vegans.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


By participating in this trip we are helping a reforestation project we started in 2011 along Manandona river and is currently developing a local campground on the foot of these steep gorges. The association maintains a 5000 tree nursery and the project works in a 1000 Ha zone, totally barren from the riverside to the top of the mountains.
We usually have an early lunch in Antsirabe, (a tidy, well maintained town which combines the tranquility of a small European provincial town with the exuberance of Madagascar) so we can proceed on our trail early in the afternoon. This splendid hike (mainly flat and downhill) towards sunset takes us to Andranomangatsiaka where a group of enthusiastic young locals terraced the ground and developed a campground for visitors on this off the beaten path spot, away from mass tourism.

For every tourist who are travel this tour we will plant some extra trees.
Therefore we are helping the enviroment as well as the community.


During this trip you will be guided by a local guidem and will overnight by local people. Therefore we support the community.

Following on from an ongoing commitment to reforestation in Madagascar, in 2011 we launched a long term reforestation project in Tsarasoa. We are now investing in a new long term project, which was launched in 2011.
We have set up a tree nursery and orchard for a local school. We have already started building the fencing (350-400m) and are in the process of planting a well designed/equipped 100 tree orchard as well as 100 luguminous and 100 moringa Oleifera (nutrional plants) on a piece of land we have bought for the school.

After the first couple of years this will produce 200 young fruit trees saplings (to be planted on student's family land) + 1800 leguminous trees (to be planted on community land).

The plan is that the first harvest of Ananambo nutritional leaves will be ready by 2013/14 to supplement the daily diet of students. Once the trees start growing and with the first seeds (papayas, passiflores, moringa, etc, ...) a small poultry operation will be launched, providing eggs and occasional meat for special school events.

The association of poultry and fruit trees is extremely beneficial for both and is a long long time old practice in Madagascar.

After 5-6 years, daily fruit distribution for students will be possible.

We employ one permanent gardener to maintain and direct student's works and are able to implement this with the support of our clients travelling to Madagascar with us (approximately 2% of the trip cost is donated to this project) and our local partner who is extremely active in reforestation of this area.

Everyone visiting the South of Madagascar with us will be able to visit this tree nursery / orchard as well as assist with additional reforestation efforts. Or if you would like, this can be the main focus for your hoiday.

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