Cape Verde walking holidays, North Islands

“Flexible, self guided (moderate - challenging) or guided (moderate), week of walking over the rugged foot paths and well-worn mule tracks of Cape Verde's north islands.”


Mindelo | Santo Antão | Paul Valley | Ponta do Sol | São Vicente | Sal | tailor made itinerary to suit all levels of experience and energy |

Description of Cape Verde walking holidays, North Islands

Throughout this Cape Verde walking holiday you'll get to experience the very best of the north islands' naturally beautiful landscapes and wonderful climate, with well-considered trip notes to guide you along the numerous foot paths and mule tracks.

In general, paths are in good condition and mule trails have been smoothed over time however, there are some that have become slightly overgrown and aren't sign-posted so please take this into consideration before embarking on a walking tour.

Also, in some areas, Santo Antao, for instance, walking holidays in Cape Verde take on new heights with trails and roads at altitude offering amazing views and a bit of a challenge. Note: You can transfer to the start of these higher trails by shared or private taxi that can be arranged by your local guide or through your accommodation.

Self guided walking holidays in Cape Verde are recommended for walkers that are confident and experienced although, walking with a local guide also grants you access to a wealth of local knowledge and a unique insight into life on the north islands.

Guided walking holidays in Cape Verde
Walking with a guide can also allow you an invitation into a local home where a coffee and a chat help to break up a walk as well as offering you a chance to relax and find out more about your host and the surrounding scenery.

Self guided walking holidays in Cape Verde
If you are intending to embark on self guided walking holidays in Cape Verde then complete instructions and trip notes will be provided as well as transfer arrangements between airports and accommodation, as well as to the start of recommended walking trails.

Several walking trails that we recommend take you on a round trip from your accommodation or include luggage transfer from one hotel to the next. Other routes use shared taxis which only operate once they are full which makes for an interesting way to meet new people as well as an extremely affordable mode of transport. Alternatively, at a supplement, we can organise another form of transport for you.

What level is this walking holiday in Cape Verde?
Due to the lack of sign-posting and the altitude, in places, we consider self-guided walking in Cape Verde to be moderate to challenging however, with a guide we would rate this eight day holiday to be moderate. Guided walks can also be modified to suit abilities and levels of fitness however, in the main, most of the cobbled paths are well maintained and are commonly used by local people travelling between villages as well as other walkers making the most of captivating Cape Verde.

Getting around on a Cape Verde walking holiday
We recommend using internal flights or public ferries to get from one island to the next. For example, the ferry crossing from Santo Antao to Sao Vicente takes an hour and is very affordable.

Travel Team

If you would like some help or advice, or just want to discuss your ideas for your next trip, do give us a call.

Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cape Verde walking holidays, North Islands


By ecological tourism like this to Cape Verde we are helping to conserve the pristine beauty of the island which could be lost were visitors not to come to enjoy this landscape.

We recommend the use of a guide for this holiday. Not only will the clients get to enjoy the beauty of these areas and to enjoy the local wildlife, flora and fauna but the guide is able to give them a greater appreciation of its importance to the islands.

We advise all of our clients to stay to the marked paths. This is to maintain the environment as they pass so that it remains pristine for walkers using the pathways in the future. We also advise that they take all of their rubbish with them until the end of the day and recycle or dispose of it as is appropriate.

Whilst the accommodation which we use is surrounded by the lush greenness of the hillsides and their vegetation they do not impinge on it. They also are in areas where it is possible to enjoy the wonderful vistas of the island.


For all of our guided walking we use guides who have been guiding walkers in Cape Verde for a great many years. This enables our clients to benefit from hikes enhanced by our guides' local knowledge on the island's diverse flora, fauna and wildlife as well as in insight into how the islands work and their culture.

Wherever possible we attempt to make the most of local products and services which are available in order to enhance the holiday for our clients. This can include the use of local transport companies or car hire where necessary, as well as the locally owned and run accommodation hotels which we partner with on the island.

We believe it is important to work with the local community in order to maintain the beauty and splendour of the islands of Cape Verde as it currently is rather than it being spoilt, which could so easily happen were the local community not behind working to keep the island in it's diverse paradise.

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