Short break sailing holiday in Italy

Set sail on a short (4 day) sailing holiday as part of a small group (max 8) sleeping on-board a sailing yacht but also enjoying plenty of time on land.
Amalfi Capri Procida
£849To£974excluding flights
4 Days
Small group
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In addition to the listed price, this trip also requires payment in counrty of a compulsory Trip Kitty of approx.
EUR 25
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Description of Short break sailing holiday in Italy

Twinkling waves framed by bowing lemon branches have helped to inspire the imagination and fuel the passion for Italy’s Bay of Naples since time began with the chance to see things from an alternative perspective, on an Amalfi to Procida sailing holiday, sure to fuel a few more.

Set sail on this stunning Italy sailing holiday and you’ll instantly be transported to Italy at its best where mythical grottoes and emperors’ temples adorn the coast whilst strings of olive groves and sun-scorched vineyards lead to cliff top tavernas and tables laid with a captain’s banquet of seafood delights.

Hike the historic trails, swim in the clear blue ocean and sail from Amalfi to Procida on a sailing holiday that knows no bounds when it comes to making the most of four days in the sun.

Sailing specifics

You will be travelling on board a real sail boat, between 48-52 feet, and for the best sailing possible these yachts have been designed to minimise sleeping space. Most of the yachts on this route sleep 8 travellers in four twin or double cabins, with 2/3 bathrooms and two showers and so please note that these are shared bathrooms. The skipper allocates cabins on arrival, and so they are not bookable in advance. Solo travellers will be accommodated in a cabin with travellers of the same gender which may mean, in some cases, sharing a double mattress. Sailing is all about close living quarters after all, and also for helping on deck too at times. So do please learn the ropes a little bit before you come, if only a couple of knots or a bit of the language of sailing, port, starboard and so on.

Electricity is minimal on board so hairdryers and charging big old laptops won't really be plain sailing. But this is a trip for letting all those things go. Including Wi-Fi which we don't have on board either.


Price information

£849To£974excluding flights
In addition to the listed price, this trip also requires payment in counrty of a compulsory Trip Kitty of approx.
EUR 25
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


As a global tour operator, we are committed to operating every one of our trips in a way that respects and benefits local people, their culture and economy, while minimising our impact on the natural environment.

On this small group sailing adventure, we use the power of the wind to sail the boat as much as possible which means that we have less impact on the environment than if travelling by other modes of transport. When on land, you will hike or walk and we don’t use any motorised transport on this trip.

We travel with a maximum of eight passengers on board a yacht of between 44ft and 51ft, but we’ll use a smaller boat if the group is smaller. Bathrooms are shared and although there is hot water, we encourage passengers to use it carefully. Toilets are usually operated by hand-pumps and we have recycling arrange Bathrooms are shared and although there is hot water, we encourage passengers to use it carefully. Toilets are usually operated by hand-pumps and we have recycling arrangements on-board.ments on-board.

As a tour company, our responsibilities don’t stop when our tours end. In 2002, we established a charitable foundation so that our passengers and staff could support grassroots community projects around the world. To date, it has raised over £2million for over 75 projects involved with health care, education, human rights, child welfare, sustainable development, and environmental and wildlife protection. We match every donation made by passengers and pay the administration costs, so every penny that is donated goes to a good cause.


During the trip, we shop for local produce for our breakfasts and lunches, which the whole group will prepare and eat together on board the boat. In the evenings, we go onshore to dine at small, often family-run restaurants where you can eat local delicacies. For example, when we visit Procida (the smallest island in the Bay of Naples) we usually dine at one of the unpretentious waterfront tavernas along the marina and encourage passengers to try freshly-caught seafood or local specialities such as spaghetti with sea urchin, so that we are supporting the local economy. In Amalfi, we hike past olive groves and vineyards and in the evening, we can enjoy a wealth of this locally-grown produce at dinner including olives, citrus fruits, and wines.

We travel in small groups and wherever possible we use local transport, stay in locally-owned accommodation or homestays, eat at authentic local restaurants, support traditional artisans and small-scale businesses, and provide opportunities for travellers to interact with local people.

While there are few dress restrictions in Europe we request that our passengers dress modestly if visiting churches or religious sites. For example, if you wish to enter the cathedral of Sant'Andrea or convent of the Cappuccini in Amalfi, or the Abbazia di San Michele Arcangelo, a Benedictine Abbey on the island of Procida, we will ask that you cover your shoulders as a mark of respect and we ask travellers to follow other responsible travel guidelines which we provide on our website and at the start of the trip.

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