Mini yoga breaks in Algave, Portugal

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Mini yoga breaks in Algave, Portugal


Wildlife: We have excellent knowledge of local wildlife and provide information on birds, flowers, seasons etc and encourage clients to go out and explore the nature that is all around us, not just go for the beach life (although that's pretty good too!)

We have a herb garden and guests are also prompted to make herbal teas fresh from the plant rather than using shop bought products. Our cooks also provide fresh herbal iced tea at meal times for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.

Waste: We have well marked recycling units throughout the property and encourage guests to use them well. We also highlight recycling programmes available locally.

Water: We highlight the sensible use of water, and inform our guests of the need to save water, particularly in areas such as the Algarve where every drop is precious. At Monte na Luz, a water filter system is used and guests are provided with fresh water daily so minimal plastic bottles of water are used as guests simply refill their water bottles from the main water supply.

Food: We provide, where possible, meals made with locally grown food of the season. We support our local farmers markets and regularly promote them to our clients.


We support our local community by sourcing all our therapists, caterers and helpers locally and building a team who are committed to living and working in the Algarve. We have tried and tested them ourselves and can certainly vouch for them as being experts in their field, caring and skilled therapists and dedicated to serving the community of the Algarve.

We encourage our guests to explore our local area and sample the wonderful variety of shops, restaurants etc which are locally owned and which provide traditional Portuguese products. There has been a resurgence of demand for local crafts such as soap making, weaving, cork products and rug making and we are proud of what our host country can produce so we encourage our guests to take home these kinds of souvenirs and continue to support the local people.

We also help clients to discover other areas of Portugal by recommending travel routes, hotels and guests houses that are more traditional and also support our own ideals. Many of our friends and colleagues are involved in projects such as volunteer work on farms, environmental projects etc.

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