Andaman Islands bird watching holiday

“Bespoke five day birdwatching holiday in the remote Andaman Islands focussing on endemic species in the company of a local guide. Beach & dive extensions also available.”


Mount Harriet | Sippi Ghat | Chidiya Tapu | Farar Ganj | expected endemics include: woodpeckers, wood pigeons, cuckoo doves, treepies, black-naped orioles, hawk owls and drongos |

Description of Andaman Islands bird watching holiday

The Andaman Islands offer brilliant bird watching with over 570 individual islands and islets offering all manner of opportunities for twitchers to get their feathers in a flap whilst overlooking the southeastern section of the Bay of Bengal.

As you’d imagine from such a wide range of landscapes, both inhabited and uninhabited, the Andaman archipelago attract an array of bird species over an arc-shaped environment that covers an unbroken area of almost 800kms.

There are around twenty indigenous species living on and around the isolated Andaman Islands and this tailor made holiday can focus on these endemics to ensure bird watchers maximise their five days spent touring the islands.

Most important environments to take in as part of this five day birdwatching holiday should include: Mt Harriet, Sippi Ghat, Chidia Tapu, Farar Ganj and Havelock with Andaman species, such as owls, woodpeckers, crakes and serpent eagles, certain to resonate with wide-eyed watchers.

Please note: unfortunately five of the Andaman Islands endemic bird species have made their habitat on the Nicobars which are currently out of reach to non-Thai travellers.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Andaman Islands bird watching holiday


This trip is a bird watching trip and great care is taken not to disturb the areas around the birding sites. We ensure that the birders stay on marked trails and when selecting our specialist expedition equipment, vehicles and boats, we research carefully to ensure that we use the most suitable and the most environmentally responsible which are operated by locals

Much walking is involved, producing little or no effect on the environment. This also avoids any detrimental impact on the local environment and fauna and requires very little resources to support.

All waste generated on the bird watching tours is disposed of in a responsible manner. Non-recyclable waste is brought back for disposal at approved sites. We only operate small group tours that have very low impact on the local communities. Our tours also do not disrupt their way of life in any way, rather it pumps money into these communities that live on these islands.


The birding guide, the drivers and the boatmen are all from the local communities. All services like taxis, boats are contracted locally and all food is bought locally, thus keeping money in the local community.

Income from tourism is their main source of livelihood. The Asian Tsunami had laid waste the Island and it has taken time for tourism to take root & this company has painstakingly developed bird watching itineraries to co-opt the locals in development of bird watching tours which have minimum impact on the environment.

The guide who was a general tourist guide with limited opportunity on the islands was encouraged to change over to the high value added services of a naturalist cum birding guide. It has taken many years but the guide has now been transformed into a qualified and knowledgeable bird watching guide. The fact that leading naturalists and birders from around the globe have heaped high praise on his guiding skills as well as his team of local drivers and helpers has been an additional encouragement in prompting others also into this area of expertise.

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