Brazil wildlife holiday, Amazon and Pantanal

“An 11 day tailor made tour to two of the world痴 most fertile wildlife destinations, the Amazon and the Pantanal, with experienced local guides.”


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Description of Brazil wildlife holiday, Amazon and Pantanal

This 11 day Brazil wildlife holiday takes you to both the Amazon jungle and the wetlands of the Pantanal, in search of a colourful cast of local wildlife. The trip is tailor made, so you池e able to tweak the itinerary as you see fit, and you値l be accompanied by knowledgeable local guides to help you make the most of your time.

Your first stop is the Pantanal, where you値l follow the Transpantaneira Highway through these tropical wetlands, spotting flocks of water birds and caiman filled waters along the way. You値l stay at two different lodges here, both of which are perfectly placed to take in the region痴 bird, plant and animal life, which includes rare pink river dolphins, piranha, jaguars and giant lily pads. As well as exploring the waterways in a canoe, you can also go horse riding, take a jeep safari, or explore the nocturnal landscape with the aid of a torch. For all of these experiences you値l be accompanied by experienced naturalists.

Next you値l fly to Manaus, a city at the heart of the Amazon jungle. You値l spend three days in a little visited area of the rainforest, where animal highlights include Uakari monkeys, three toed sloths, red howler monkeys and caimans.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made from August through to February to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Brazil wildlife holiday, Amazon and Pantanal


We know our wildlife; in fact it is buried within the roots of our company and will always be so. Brazil is home to so many species, from reptiles and birds to fish and mammals. In the Pantanal alone, there have been around 656 bird species, 122 mammals, 93 reptiles and 263 fish, as well as, very impressively, 1,132 species of butterfly. It is essential that we preserve the natural habitat and home of these creatures, great and small from jaguars to storks, otters to capybara and even the tiniest insect. We contribute a percentage of each safari sold to wildlife conservation and always keep our eyes peeled for new projects to get involved with.

Whenever possible we use accommodation that savours every drop of precious water; from using environmentally friendly flushing toilets and to savouring rain water for washing, to using solar power heating.

Accommodation when travelling will vary, but we do try to be as environmentally friendly as possible, promoting the use of locally owned eco-lodges, such as the Araras Eco Lodge in the Pantanal, and Uakari Floating Lodge among others on this tour. Please bear in mind that it is not always possible to find eco-friendly accommodation in some remote destinations; if this is the case then we make every effort to alert the management of the accommodation in question in order to find ways of improving their service with the environment in mind.

We aim to reduce waste and our impact on the environment within our destinations, and at home in the UK, where our offices our based. We work in partnership with the Borough of Brighton & Hove in an attempt to recycle and reuse as much as possible. Our clients are always advised on the best way to do this when away. We recommend using environmentally friendly shampoos, soaps and toiletries, to avoid leaving any litter (whether it is biodegradable or not)


Where possible, we always use local suppliers in preference to others, whether this is in the purchase of provisions, accommodation, transport or equipment. Through the employment of our local ground operators, who use local guides and drivers, money is fed directly back into individual families and villages that would otherwise not benefit from tourism, as well as giving more jobs to local people. Great guiding is essential on wildlife adventures and few people know a place better than the locals. Even on specialist led trips, we still try our best to use the local guides alongside, we whole-heartedly do not believe in taking jobs from local populations for our own needs.

When it comes to accommodation, this trip incorporates lodges that are further away from the usual tourist trail, thus spreading the money spent by tourists further into the communities. This is turn shows the economic importance of the wildlife and natural assets of the area, which feeds back into helping the environment win!

We make sure tourists have the opportunity to buy local souvenirs and handicrafts, assisting further to contribute to their community, and always give support to local communities and conservation agencies. We advise people not to bargain just for the sake of it and because it is the 奏hing to do; you should pay what you feel the object is worth to yourself and the vendor, bearing in mind local cultures.
Please note that we give a direct contribution of each safari sold to conserving the wildlife, helping local communities and supporting local conservation agencies.

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