Austria, Czech Republic & Slovakia cycling holiday

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Responsible tourism: Austria, Czech Republic & Slovakia cycling holiday


At the beginning of your holiday you’ll be greeted by a natural jewel of the Czech Republic – the protected landscape area of Palava hills. Palava is part of the Western Carpathians, known for its archaeological sites, and rightfully belongs to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The fertile meadows are home to dozens of rare plant species and a high number of rare insects. Therefore during our stay in the natural surroundings, we travel only on marked tourist and cycle paths, we don’t pick flowers or trample over rare herbs, we don’t drop litter, and we behave considerately to animals.

Meadows in the White Carpathians in Slovakia are also known for their diversity of flora and fauna. Part of the territory of the White Carpathians has been included in the European network of protected areas NATURA 2000. We behave respectfully to these natural treasures and adhere to the principles of responsible tourism.

On your holiday, we encourage you to pay attention to the instructions of your guide and not disturb the fauna. Since viticulture dominates this region, your itinerary will include visits to vineyards following carefully selected cycle paths, and respect for the vineyards and homes of the local vinedressers.


In many areas of southern Moravia, folklore traditions are very much still alive. This will be especially clear when you visit the outdoor museum in Straznice. This unique museum displays folk architecture and the way of life in the region, and underlines the theme of winegrowing that is so typical for this part of Moravia. This is related to visit a wine cellar in Plze, by which you’ll support the local vinedresser and his family.

Further understanding of the local community will be established over a lunch with local family is organised in Slovakia. Once one of the poorest parts of the country, the Chvojnica settlement represents the White Carpathians, where many houses have kept the traditional architecture with characteristic blue plaster.

By visiting the Branc Castle you contribute to the maintenance of the castle ruins and what once was an important guard castle in the region. You continue with the theme of traditions by visiting a traditional vineyard shed maintained by a local Gajda family, where Jan and his wife Eva prepare a delicious local dinner for you. Accommodation will be provided in family run hotels, you use the service of local guides and transfer companies and your bikes are rented from the local bike rental shop.

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