Arctic expedition cruise, circumnavigation of Spitsbergen

11 day cruise around Spitsbergen on a small expedition ship (max 130 passengers). Experience life on land and at sea as part of an unbelievable Arctic adventure.
Eleven days cruising around Spitsbergen Trek, snowshoe or watch wildlife, on land Seabird-filled cliffs of Alkefjellet Zodiac cruises 14th of July Glacier Worsleyneset tundra search for polar bears around Phippsoya and Isbukta watch out for walruses on Moffen Island explore the former whale station at Smeerenburg on Amsterdam Island Optional dog sledding in Longyearbyen
£10750excluding flights
14 Days
Arctic Cruises, Spitsbergen
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Description of Arctic expedition cruise, circumnavigation of Spitsbergen

Circumnavigating Spitsbergen is an experience, an expedition, about as far from a run of the mill holiday as you can hope to imagine.

This two week cruise onboard the Ocean Nova invites you to become part of an expedition exploring in the Arctic, alongside around 100 other passengers, crew members and Arctic experts. For eleven days you’ll be allowed to let your senses swing into overdrive as you zip across the water by zodiac before you hike or snowshoe over land or watch wildlife at closer quarters – weather permitting, of course.

As the largest island in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, Spitsbergen provides the perfect introduction to life in the Arctic with an abundance of rocky coastlines and dramatic glaciers conjuring up a whole host of reasons to stay awake and take it all in. Experiencing Arctic animals in their natural habitat is often one of the most memorable moments of any Spitsbergen expedition with polar bears, Arctic foxes, seals and walruses all, hopefully, appearing.

From vast plains of ice and glistening frozen fjords to rarely glimpsed wildlife and screeching colonies of sea birds, this is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities that actually exceeds all expectations. There’s beauty in the blankets of flowers thrown over the tundra and more than a little emotion held within the vast wilderness, untouched by man.

This is your chance to visit a part of the world that few can claim to have seen and many have wished that they could.


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£10750excluding flights
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2024: 10 Jul

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