Iran food adventure tour

“Discover the food of Iran, with tasting, market visits and cooking classes, on this 10 day tour, visiting the countryís most famous cities and sites, too.”


Tehran walking tour | Esfahan | gaz (nougat) tasting | Yazd walking tour | sweetshop and bakery tour | Shiraz walking tour | Persepolis guided tour | Naqsh-e Rustam necropolis | three cooking classes

Description of Iran food adventure tour

Take a journey to the heart of this beautiful country via its delicious cuisine, on this Iran food adventure tour. Taste dishes flavoured with fragrant spices and saffron, beautiful cheeses and aromatic rice recipes that have been perfected over thousands of years. Tuck into tah chin, a layered rice dish, tear off pieces of traditional levened bread called sangak and get a sweet kick from gaz nougat. You can try your hand at cooking Iranian food, too, in friendly local homes, learning how to make biryani and fruity fesenjan stews. Anyone with a sweet tooth will relish the chance to tour a sweet shop in Yazd, tasting crunchy almond qottab or squidy baqlava.

Although tempting, it wouldnít really be right to spend the entire 10 days of this food tour just eating, so youíll have time to soak up Iranís stunning landscape of deserts and mountains, and to take in some of this countryís most beautiful ancient sites, cities and bustling bazaars. Walking tours of Tehran, Yazd, Shiraz and Persepolis are included, as are museum visits and entrance to various key places, including the Ali Qapu Palace and Sheik Lotfallah Mosque in Esfahan and the Iman Mosque in Tehran. All in all, this is a fascinating introduction to Iran, with wonderful sites and friendly people complementing some seriously good food.

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What is a small group adventure?
It's a great way to travel! Whether you are travelling on your own, with a partner or with friends, a small group trip is a fantastic way to see the world. You'll travel on a fixed itinerary that has been designed to help you discover the best of region. From the known highlights, the hidden gems that you won't find in the guidebooks.

Itineraries run on set departure dates, accompanied every step of the way by an English speaking local group leader. You chose the itinerary and the date that suits you best and you book on.

Why travel on a small group adventure?
Small groups allow us to explore where larger tour groups can't. Our maximum group size of 16 travellers allows us to use local transport to get from A to B, to visit rural villages, spend time with the locals and even stay at a local home overnight, and it allows us to give our travellers genuine, real life experiences of the countries we are visiting; what you'll be doing and how you'll travel depends entirely on your chosen itinerary.

Is an adventure right for me?
The word adventure means something different to everyone, and our range of trips reflects that. Whether you want to explore local markets, visit out of the way temples and meet local people or go on an early morning safari drive searching for the 'big five', we'll have a trip for you. If you are looking for a physical challenge such trekking the Kokoda Track or summiting Kilimanjaro, we can help with that too.

So what makes a Food Adventure different?
Our focus on these trips is exploring our destination through regional specialities, eating where the locals eat, learning to cook traditional dishes and refreshing your palate with the local tipple! Our usual grass roots style of travel is still very much in evidence and you'll still get to explore a region's highlights as well as more out of the way places under the guidance of your group leader, but there will be a lot of focus on the unique flavours of the region you are visiting.

Can I book my flights with you?
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As a global tour operator, we are committed to operating every one of our trips in a way that respects and benefits local people, their culture and economy, while minimising our impact on the natural environment.

Our Responsible Travel Policy outlines our commitment to preserving the environment, supporting local communities, protecting the vulnerable and giving back to the places we travel. All our trip leaders, suppliers and staff are trained on these principles, and are core to us delivering sustainable, experience-rich travel.

During this trip we only use locally owned hotels that have integrated sustainability into their business. For example, all hotels on our tour encourage guests to have shorter showers and reuse the towels. We promote small group travelling, therefore maximum group size is 12. This has much less impact when travelling through rural areas, reducing our environmental and social affects. Clients and guides are briefed on local customs and general courtesy (such as asking permission before taking photographs/dress-codes/conduct in places of worship etc.) and behave appropriately. Finally, to emphasis our commitment to Responsible Tourism all clients will receive a copy of our Travellers Code of Conduct with their travel documents.

We always try and educate people in our trip notes online and when they join a trip, on the wastage around plastic bottles (especially in countries where the water might not be safe for travellers to drink). We recommend that people bring with them a reusable water bottle, water purification tablets, and or use the kettle in their room to boil water and bottle it for the next day. In some instances, we try and work with hotels to try and get Filtered water drinking stands in their hotel lobbies and not supply bottled water in hotel rooms. So, that hotel guests can fill up their water bottles when they leave for the day. Itís around educating hotels and tourism suppliers in a way that customer service doesnít trump sustainable tourism.

The Impacts of this Trip

Thanks to a variety of diverse factors such as climate, regional soil and altitude differences throughout the region, the Esfahan Province is widely regarded as one of the most important agricultural sites in Iran. This means thereís plenty of fresh produce growing in the area outside the city, just waiting to be harvested. We recommend to take a visit to a nearby farm during the day and get a feel how the local farmers work these lands. We believe the best food in Iran is found in homes not restaurants. Iran isnít known for its great cafes, itís known for its hospitality and locally cooked food which is what our trip is all about. Also, this means your money stays in the area to benefit the local community and any of the activities done on this trip are helping the local economic development.

Furthermore, local leaders are used on this trip and they go through the leader training before they lead a trip. They will often do a training trip too with a senior leader to get the feel of it first.We can travel with respect as we have our Local Leader with the group 24/7 who helps educate the group on local matters, customs, culture, language etc. We know that most people want to learn when they are travelling, so we believe education on local traditions help open minds and breaks down barriers. Our local leader will help educate the people on an experience they are about to undertake or try which helps both the local and the traveller make the most of their time together.


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