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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Morocco photography holiday


We strive to make sure that on all our tours environmental issues are the main priority. We encourage re usable bags, refuse all straws, be aware of water conservation by not leaving taps running unnecessarily while brushing teeth and not over flushing toilets during the night. We also suggest that clients bring re usable water bottles and reduce plastic container use by using bars instead of bottles...soap and shampoos can be purchased in this way.. Whether sustainable or not, tourism has both positive and negative impacts.

The aim of our tours is to maximise benefits and minimise negative environmental and social impacts. Benefits are helping in funding new infrastructure and job creation. One of the most important aspects, however, is safeguarding living culture and artistic heritage. We hope that funds from tours will help renovate and preserve some of the most important sites around the country. We are careful always to select those who abide by ethical practices and demonstrate a "tangible" respect for the environment when choosing accommodation.


We support local community by using local drivers and guides as well as shopping with co-operatives where the funds go directly to the local producers.

We support local charities and also support and own a refuge for local abandoned and injured animals.

Using local and Moroccan owned accommodations allows us to support our local businesses.

We hope to foster environmental respect. For instance, this may include planning ways by which garbage accumulated by the tourists can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Or maybe creating activities for the tourists to take part in that benefit the environment, such as planting trees in a deforested area.

Some of our future plans which we hope to implement include beach walks during tours to collect plastic items and helping local schools with donations of pencils, books, notepads and other necessities directly to the schools.

As part of our commitment to the community we visit local women's weaving cooperatives where guests can learn about the production process and buy directly from the women. We recently introduced a Swedish fair trade company which has increased demand for these products as well as many others and therefore there has been an increase in the amount of young women who have learnt the traditional weaving methods.

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