Russia holiday, Spring to Autumn

1760To1960 excluding flights
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7 Days
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Price includes: - Visa invitation - All guided tours listed in the itinerary - Accommodation in 3* hotels/ guest-houses - Breakfasts (exc.
day 4) - Train ticket Moscow - St Petersburg - Airport pick up and hotel transfers
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Description of Russia holiday, Spring to Autumn

Price information

1760To1960 excluding flights
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Price includes: - Visa invitation - All guided tours listed in the itinerary - Accommodation in 3* hotels/ guest-houses - Breakfasts (exc.
day 4) - Train ticket Moscow - St Petersburg - Airport pick up and hotel transfers
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This trip can be tailor made throughout Spring to Autumn

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Around 10,000 British tourists visit Russia each year, but over 90 percent of them go only to Moscow and/or St Petersburg. That’s certainly a great st...
Europe may be the world’s second smallest continent, with some of its tiniest nations, but it finally lays to rest, with ease, the whole ‘size isn’t e...


we try to support and develop sustainable tourism in Russia. We take accessibility as one of the indicators of sustainabilty, that is why it's important for us to design tours that suit different needs and interests. We would like to make travelling in Russia easy and comfortable for all people, including those with disabilities or limited abilities, who wish to see the country, meet locals and enjoy their time here. All the locations visited have been chosen for their accessibility and can be tailor made to your requirements.
Limited mobility:
We will provide accommodation on a ground floor or with lifts if it's more convenient for a person. The guide will be helping whenever the help is needed ( e.g. on the stairs in the metro). The pace of tours and the route will be adjusted.
In 2011 the Russian government launched a state program, called “Accessible Environment”. It’s aimed at making barrier-free infrastructures so that people in wheelchairs could get around streets and use social services.
We are going to provide accommodations with widened entrances. The museums and restaurants chosen are wheelchair- friendly. The Hermitage provides their own wheelchairs that were designed specially for the museum. In Moscow city centre the metro doesn't have elevators, that's why we are going to transfer by car and buses. The metro though offers escort services via its "Mobility department" that assists groups of children and people with disabilities. The buses have lowered floors and ramps, and make travelling in city center easy. The car will be a bigger size when it's necessary.
As well, trains have folding ramps to accommodate the needs of wheelchair users, as well as special seats and toilet facilities. The new double-deck carriages are equipped with unique lifts, which are used to transport passengers in wheelchairs between the decks. We should note that it's better to have a travel companion who will be able to help from time to time.
Both cities have cobblestone pavements, e.g. near the Hermitage and on the Red Square), and curbs here and there, and are still on the way to become fully wheelchair friendly zones. Crossing the big streets is usually done via underpasses, which are equipped with ramps. These aren't perfect but we will be on hand to assist.
'Free from' food:
If guests have serious dietary issues or allergies, we will arrange translations into Russian to explain these, and will brief guides to ensure that appropriate food is served. Both Moscow and St Petersburg are modern cities where all possible cuisines are served. Vegetarian and vegan food is also possible to find. There are also places that serve gluten and lactose-free, and also halal food. Let your manager know beforehand about your diet, and they will make a list of cafes specially for you.
LGBT travellers are as welcome in Moscow and St Petersburg as any other travellers. However there are still certain stereotypes and prejudices among older generation and religious people. That's why we kindly ask you to be careful with public display of affection in the streets and public spaces and avoid walking alone at night. We are happy to provide a list of local LGBT+ community centres where you can find information about local events happening.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


All our activities are run with respect to the environment, making sure that the volume of participants and type of tourism we offer doesn’t have any negative impact on local conditions and infrastructure.

Taking into consideration that sustainable development is still a new topic in Russia, we educate our partners and suppliers about environmental responsibility of their operations and we encourage them to improve sustainability of their practices. Our clients are also asked to act as role models and to give example to Russian communities on hoe to live in respect to the environment.

We give priority to public transport and optimise the itinerary to reduce the carbon footprint. From Moscow to St Petersburg tourists travel with a train. In the cities, we offer walking tours and we use public transportation (buses, metro) when needed.

We are keen on recycling, energy-saving solutions and minimising litter, water and atmospheric pollution both in our office and at any specific tourism activity we provide. We recycle waste produced at our office and bring it to special collection points.

We encourage our clients to limit waste produced on the tour by using reusable tea flasks, and reusable bags to collect litter.


We are a small Russian inbound tour operator based in Moscow, run and owned by young enthusiastic entrepreneurs who love Russia, its breathtaking nature, rich culture and hospitable people. As a company, we aim to contribute to the long-term future of Russia’s economic stability, environmental wellness, cultural heritage and people’s well-being by acting responsibly and implementing sustainable solutions on all levels of our operations.
This tour is exclusively operated by local suppliers, local service providers and local guides.

We place our guests at the heart of the local communities by using small and medium locally run and locally owned accommodation providers.
We avoid pre-booked all-inclusive meals. Instead, we invite travelers to local restaurants and canteens, not only giving them a chance to taste local delicacies but also an opportunity to small local entrepreneurs for an additional income.

Travelers on this tour visit Suzdal Kremlin, site of cultural significance, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

We provide our customers with quality and adequate information on destinations they visit, to increase understanding of local culture, its problems and facilitate cultural exchange with local people. In particular, we inform our travelers how to dress and behave in orthodox churches.

We educate our customers by providing them guidelines on how to travel responsibly. Information is delivered in the pre-arrival kit, available on our tours and on our website.

We encourage our staff to act sustainably and train them on the most efficient ways to do it.

We actively participate in discussions about sustainability and responsible tourism, providing feedback and sharing our experiences.

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