Yoga holiday in Sperlonga, Italy

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yoga holiday in Sperlonga, Italy


Sunflower Retreats is a 'low profit eco tourism organisation', a large part of the profits on each booking go towards the rental of rooms of the village houses and accommodation options we use which include our treatment room this is part of our eco tourism policy as our guests live within the village of Sperlonga( not in a privately owned retreat ) and we work along side and employ local people therefore contributing to the local businesses and economy of the medieval hilltop village of Sperlonga .Local businesses benefit from our visitors from local craft shops to local farmers as our visitors live alongside local people in the village and buy from the local community. We use many local houses for our accommodations renting from locals, work with the local people and work with the villagers in order to enhance the local economy and integrate the concept of eco-tourism i. From our profits we also support festivals and local functions yearly.
We aim to continue to promote eco tourism and protection of nature.
We work alongside local people as our groups are small and have a theme of relaxation and eco tourism and promote recycling within the village and energy saving concepts.


We continue to bring work and economy balance to the village of Sperlonga and other hilltop villages in Italy by bringing our international guests to this village who in return live along side the local people and blend into the village community and village life and by living and staying in the village buy from local businesses which helps sustain local businesses from village alimentari's to restaurants, craft shops and cafes therefore encouraging employment for the villagers . We also encourage the local council to recycle and this has been instrumented within the village of Sperlonga with recycling bins and systems.We sustain the concept of responsible tourism and ethical tourism and do not dominate the village in anyway but rather blend into the beauty and harmony of the location. We continue to grow and change so to continue to make this possible. We will continue to rent from local people and families so that part of our profits go towards sustainable tourism and provide incomes for local people.

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