London to Budapest by rail, including the Glacier Express

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: London to Budapest by rail, including the Glacier Express


There’s no better way to take in such stunning European surroundings and environment as the rail system in Europe. The dramatic windows of the Glacier Express lend to some of the most incredible scenery you might ever see. From the majestic Swiss Alps, to quaint alpine villages, flushing meadows and rushing streams, this trip will definitely inspire you to take care of the environment around you. Like you, we begin our environmental conservation efforts at home, operating with responsible tourism values since our inception. From an environmental perspective, our initiatives extend from our company offices to our tours. Our head office and stores are powered by a local green energy provider, we encourage cleaner transportation methods for staff, and we purchase all supplies from a local green business supplier.


There is such romance to European cities, a great fondness of love and community. Friends and family languidly enjoy life and time spent together, relishing in their proximity both literally and figuratively. Take the time on this trip to shed the stress of your daily lives, enjoying the slower pace at which many European villages and cities run. There’s just something different in the air. Europe is chock-a-block with famous sites to see, a myriad of World Heritage Sites, all whose entrance fees further the community and the history they protect. Jump right in and get the most out your Europe by Rail with the Glacier Express.

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