Northern Lights adventure holiday, Autumn special

“Spend 4 days in northern Lapland during September and experience the Northern Lights alongside autumnal foliage and a night in an aurora wilderness hut. ”


Lake Inari | Lemmenjoki National Park | Saariselkä | Urho-Kekkonen National Park | Arctic wild food dinner | Sámi museum Siida | Activities include: hiking, rowing and felting demonstrations |

Description of Northern Lights adventure holiday, Autumn special

Disappearing for four days in the autumn to search for the Northern Lights in Lapland is just as exciting as it sounds. This short break gives travellers every chance to immerse themselves in the wondrous natural event of autumnal foliage as well as the phenomenon of the Northern Lights; Lapland inviting the very best of both.

Aside from the colourful displays both on the ground and in the night’s sky, this four day Lapland holiday transfers travellers to three separate settings with a cruise on Lake Inari, a river ride in Lemmenjoki National Park and hiking in hills outside of Helsinki offering a unique short break experience to last a lifetime.

Exploring in the north of Lapland gives you the darkest skies and the best chances of seeing the Northern Lights with opportunities to learn about Sami culture, taste exquisite fish dishes and enjoy the benefits of a riverside hotel with in-room aurora detecting camera, certain to add to the appeal.

From the reflections of the aurora on lakes in Lemmenjoki National Park to river cruises to the Ravada waterfall, Northern Lights Lapland holidays in the autumn never fail to excite and enthral in equal measures.

Finally, exploring parts of Urho-Kekkonen National Park, one of the best-protected areas of Finland, is just the icing on the cake, with authentic wilderness accommodation and an aurora hut in the wilderness supplying the perfect opportunity to enjoy the night’s sky alongside hiking tours, saunas and four-course gourmet meals consisting of wild Arctic cuisine.

Important information for Lapland Northern Lights holiday makers:

This tour has been designed to incorporate a flexible return flight from Helsinki airport with the last night’s accommodation situated on Lake Tuusulanjärvi close to the capital. Adding an additional night onto the itinerary below is always an option for those arriving from Europe or beyond.

Accommodation throughout this four day Northern Lights in Lapland holiday consists of comfortable double rooms or superior twin rooms. Meals include four breakfasts, four lunches and three evening meals. Flights are not included and please get in touch if you need more information regarding connecting flights from Helsinki or to Ivalo.

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2018: 19 Aug, 23 Aug, 26 Aug, 30 Aug, 2 Sep, 6 Sep, 9 Sep, 13 Sep, 16 Sep, 20 Sep

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Northern Lights adventure holiday, Autumn special


All the three hotels recycle glass, PET bottles, cans and paper. As the distances are long in Lapland it is not sensible to recycle bio waste. The towels are changed daily only on client request. One of the hotels uses geo-thermal heating.
Food served in the hotel is as local as possible. Local fish, berries and mushrooms are used. Reindeer herding is the local source of livelihood. Reindeers live free in tundra and eat lichen from nature. Reindeer meat is as pure and ecological as meat can be.

Our partners taking guests to the wilderness pay special attention to protecting nature. When motor vehicles are needed, most environmentally friendly motors are used. An ecological catamaran takes guests on Lake Inari. It consumes only 3 litres of diesel gasoline/hour in one hour compared to the normal catamarans in the same size would consume 40-100 liters of diesel gasoline/hour. Why? Its propellers are powered by two electric motors.
We hope our guests will see how beautiful the Arctic tundra is. We hope them to understand, why protecting this pristine environment is so important.

We want our guests to learn to value silence. Many of us do not even understand how total silence feels as in cities it is never really silent.


All the three hotels in Lapland are privately owned and run by local families and use as many local services as possible in serving their guests. In addition to the local hotels our guests will use local activities. They will take a cruise on Lake Inari, a river cruise in Lemmenjoki provided by a local reindeer farm. They will visit a felt art studio and house of Finnish design providing them also a Lappish wild food dinner.

Our guests will get an introduction to the local Sámi culture by visiting the Sámi museum Siida and if they have time and interest also the Sámi parliament
and hear about the life of these indigenous people and their life in the Arctic circumstances.

Guests come here to enjoy silence and admire the night light show. No negative side-effects are caused to the local community as our guests will enjoy the beauty of the nature.

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