Mongolia Gobi Desert tour

“Two week tailor made tour of Mongolia driving between monasteries, sand dunes, camel rides and ger camps before flying back to Ulaanbaatar.”


Ulaanbaatar | Karakorum | Hustai National Park | Ger camp in the desert | Gobi steppe landscapes | Camel ride to Bayanzag | Ger camp in Khongor dunes | Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Park | Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve | Hike or horse ride to Mount Baits | Terelj National Park |

Description of Mongolia Gobi Desert tour

Mongolia is an untamed patch of earth with a rugged beauty that has captured the heart of adventure travellers for years. Seemingly untouched by time, you can see the traditions of the past still practised today. Hardy nomads dwelling on the country's vast deserts and unique landscapes of rocky mountains, clear lakes and abundant wildlife. Journey through the capital city of Ulaanbaatar experiencing the famous monasteries, monuments and museums. Travel overland exploring the colossal sand dunes of Mongol Els, the Gan-Galuut Nature Reserve with its rare species and the red cliffs of Bayanzag, where the world's richest deposits of dinosaur fossils can be found. Spend several nights in a herder's ger (traditional felt yurt) being fully immersed in Mongolian culture and take part in an unforgettable camel safari. If you love the outdoors, you'll fall head over heels for Mongolia, so naturally beautiful and still untouched by the outside world and where it's people welcome you with open arms.

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support conservation and local people.

Having travelled extensively ourselves and witnessed first-hand how tourism can have either positive or negative effects on local communities and the environment, we always endeavour to leave a positive mark on all places we send clients and promote awareness of the local environment.

Although unique and with a natural wild beauty, Mongolia still represents an unknown destination for many. For most of the 20th century, tourism in Mongolia was extremely limited. Nowadays it has opened its doors to the world, ready to show its astonishing nature and vibrant culture. However, due to the fragile and pristine eco-systems present in Mongolia, it is vital for tourism to minimise impacts and create a sustainable and positive legacy.

This tour allows travellers a full immersion experience with the local environment. Places such as the Hustai National Park and the Gobi desert are great natural heritage sites of the world and preservation is a key factor. All activities included in the tour such as camel/horse riding, bird watching and fishing have been consciously designed in collaboration with local suppliers in order to be environmentally sustainable, while guaranteeing the best and most memorable experience.

• Where we stay: As a boutique travel company we strive to offer unique and authentic travel experiences in line with sustainable accommodation. Accommodation provided in the Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve and Gobi Gurvan Saikhan Park is a typical and eco-friendly Ger Camp. Ger Camps are managed by locals who are profoundly aware about environmental issues and also engage in sustainable initiatives. For instance, both solar and wind energy are used to heat water and vegetables and fruit served to customers come from self-production as well as meat and dairy products which are from local nomad communities.

• While we are there: We ensure that our clients are given the correct guidance while visiting protected areas and/or heritage sites in order to minimise impacts on the environment and respect the natural wonders of the area. We collaborate with guides who are local to the area and have been trained, bettering their communities. While in remote areas such as the Gobi desert, we ensure we carry all rubbish away with us and ensure we do not disturb anything in the natural environment whilst travelling through it.

• As a company: We strive to operate as a paperless company as far as possible, and recycle wherever facilities are available. We use toxic-free fair trade products whenever we can.


The Impacts of this Trip

Our tours are designed with the intention of maximising the benefits that our guests can have on the host community. This is the reason why we endeavour to follow responsible guidelines and teach guests about responsible tourism in order to encourage them to be mindful of the environment and respectful of local people and culture. With all our tailor-made trips we enjoy offering new routes and encourage travel to areas that are not on the main tourist trails and which further support smaller, local communities.

Very often, tourism development and particularly mass tourism, can cause tremendous damage to a destination. However, we believe that choosing Mongolia for your next holiday already helps to redirect tourism to a less travelled and more authentic area of the world. Therefore, in order to do our part and contribute to Mongolia’s sustainable growth, we work along with local professionals who ensure that both travellers and local communities who are involved in tourism related jobs, received proper training and are educated about environmental issues.

• As A Company: Furthermore, it is also our priority to respect local traditions especially while experiencing local life and visiting places such as the Gondon Monastery and the Erdene Zuu, which have strong religious prestige and historical value for Mongolians. Last but not least, as previously mentioned, we encourage our travellers (before and during the tour) to buy local products from local communities in order to support their economy. Through travel with us, we aim to help meet an important local need by contributing to the area’s economy, creating jobs and by eating locally sourced food and using locally sourced products.

• Where we stay: As a boutique travel company we search for authenticity and uniqueness from the local suppliers and whenever possible, encourage our travellers to stay in privately owned accommodation. On this trip we stay at locally-run Ger camps for example. We believe that working with accommodation owners who source staff, products, services and produce from within the community gives the local people an opportunity to gain from the increase in tourism to the area.

• While we are there: As previously mentioned, we work in partnership with locally employed guides who having been professionally trained, better their communities and provide insight into the local culture. We encourage interaction with local communities, however we keep our group sizes small and provide advice during the trip to ensure our impact on the indigenous way of life is minimised. Typically these areas also ask for a fee to appreciate the protected area, which go to aid conservation, employment and infrastructure efforts directly supporting the community and surroundings. We also encourage our clients to support the livelihood of the local community by purchasing locally produced crafts wherever possible.


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