Antarctic Peninsula cruise, 10 days

“A great value, ten day expedition cruise to Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland islands, starting in Ushuaia and crossing Drake Passage at beginning of trip.”


Ushuaia | Drake Passage | Antarctic wildlife | Antarctic Peninsula | Zodiac landings | South Shetland Islands | Whale watching | Lectures from expert naturalists

Description of Antarctic Peninsula cruise, 10 days

This Antarctic Peninsula cruise, on board a small polar expedition ship, the M/V Ushuaia, starts in the Patagonian port of Ushuaia, heads across the legendary Drake Passage to then emerge into the spectacular landscapes of the Great White Continent. Spend four full days on board this ship, with Zodiac excursions as well, taking in the mountains, icebergs and islets of Antarctica as well as its prolific wildlife.

Your ship accommodates maximum 84 passengers and is an ice strengthened vessel with a variety of cabin sizes, some ensuite and others with shared facilities. We have expert guides and naturalists on board who not only interpret the great sightings on board and on excursions, but also give lectures in the evenings on board.

On the way back to Ushuaia we stop at the South Shetland Islands to take in its myriad wildlife, including fur seals, penguins, southern elephant seals and, with some luck, various whale species.

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2019: 14 Nov, 13 Dec
2020: 17 Mar, 26 Mar, 4 Nov, 2 Dec, 11 Dec
2021: 8 Jan, 7 Feb, 26 Mar

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Antarctic Peninsula cruise, 10 days


On all of our Antarctica Peninsula expeditions, the conservation of this unique place is of paramount importance to us. This pristine environment affords special protection, this I why our ships are smaller, less imposing on the polar landscape than the bigger cruise ships. Hence, Group landings onshore are better and more easily managed and due to the rather low ratio of leaders to passengers, you will experience a personalized and unique experience. Through daily lectures, guided walks and evening talks, you will learn more about the scenery, wildlife and importance to protect and conserve this continent. You will be introduced to global conversation issues, global warming and other problems this fragile place faces. A trip to the Antarctic is a completely different experience and quite unlike any other trip you have probably been on.

We use a highly regulated, licensed vessel which is well equipped to operate in this pristine ecosystem. We are fully compliant with all rules set down by the IAATO. , we are longstanding members of IAATO (International Antarctica Association of Tour Operators). IAATO’s bylaws include but are not limited to:
•To represent Antarctic tour operators and others organizing and conducting travel to the Antarctic to the Antarctic Treaty Parties, the international conservation community and the public at large.
•To advocate, promote and practice safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic.
•To circulate, promote and follow the Guidance for Visitors to the Antarctic and Guidance for Those Organizing and Conducting Tourism and Non-governmental Activities in the Antarctic, as adopted by the Antarctic Treaty System (Recommendation XVIII-1).
•Members subscribe to the principle that their planned activities will have no more than a minor or transitory impact on the Antarctic environment.
•To foster continued cooperation among its members and to monitor IAATO programs, including the pattern and frequency of visits to specific sites within the Antarctic. And to coordinate itineraries so that no more than 100 visitors from vessels are ashore at any one time in any one place.
•To ensure that the best qualified staff and field personnel are employed by IAATO members through continued training and education. And to encourage and develop international acceptance of evaluation, certification and accreditation programs for Antarctic personnel.

We carefully vet all ships we work with and choose them for their small size as this creates far less impact on shore landings with wildlife. We see the voyage Antarctic as an expedition, not a sightseeing trip. Smaller boats such as ours can navigate narrow waterways, and are far less polluting than the larger ships in Antarctic waters. By carrying less passengers, we have far less waste, and all waste is carried back to the home port, unlike some of the larger ships which do not allow for this.

We are regulated by very strict conditions, and we take our responsibility seriously. We are currently working towards supporting a nominated wildlife charity which operates in Antarctica and we have a long term commitment to maintaining its pristine condition while still offering some of the best value trips to this unique destination.

We really work hard to keep all our operations green! All our worldwide offices currently run on 90% green energy (we are working towards 100%) from hydro electric, wind to solar power. Being web based, we are close to becoming a paperless environment, brochure prints are at a minimum (and printed on a requirement basis) and all pre departure information is emailed. We use energy saving bulbs in our work centres, and recycle all our waste.Our pre-departure pack provides you with all the information required for your tour, from what to take with you to practical advice on how to minimise your impact on the Antarctic environment. This is in the form of waste reduction and how to interact with wildlife on the continent.


We currently work with 3 different charities, giving us a broad spectrum and diversifying where our monies go. We work with Project Peru in the UK who run an orphanage in Zapallal in the shanty town outskirts of Lima, ANIA in Peru which is a high profile Peruvian NGO which works with children and helps to teach them about their local environment and how to manage it effectively, and a foundation in Australia which work on several development projects in Latin America and around the world. We help these charities by fundraising treks, through donations as a company and through our clients and also through many of our customers who volunteer their time and expertise. These charities are close to our core of supporting the environment and children in need.

Specifically on this departure, clients are welcome to book pre- and post- accommodation with us, where local businesses will be supported. Moreover, our clients receive restaurant recommendations which support locally owned restaurants.

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